Personal Lives

Criminal Justice

Inmate offers to be a bone marrow donor for judge who put him in jail while a prosecutor

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with raping client

Legal Ethics

Referee: Disbar all 3 lawyers who ‘maliciously’ set up opposing trial counsel for DUI arrest


Texas judge sued by former employee for alleged sexual harassment

Natural Disasters

Lawyer buys and mans fire truck to help protect neighbors threatened by wildfires

Criminal Justice

Girlfriend charged with shooting retired judge

Criminal Justice

2 suspects arrested in home invasion slaying of American lawyer in Venezuela

Criminal Justice

American lawyer stabbed to death in his home in Venezuela

Work/Life Balance

Rutgers law grad wins gold at Pan American Games, qualifying for 2016 Olympics

Personal Lives

Toddler who died in hot car was son of juvenile court judge


Former lawyer who served time in hit-and-run case now runs resource center for ex-prisoners

Criminal Justice

Lawyer’s $100K sports car goes on a wild ride after he leaves the keys in the vehicle

Personal Lives

Homeless man was once a BigLaw lawyer and the chief justice’s Harvard Law classmate

White-Collar Crime

Former BigLaw partner takes felony tax fraud plea

Criminal Justice

Defense lawyer in OUI cases is himself charged after woman loses arm in boat accident

10 Questions

Distance-swimming lawyer raises money for charity while setting records

Your ABA

Attorney’s book recounts how he helped bring US military involvement in Vietnam to an end

Law Schools

Trial attorney and wife give $10m to law school from which 3 generations of his family graduated

Criminal Justice

Appeals judge who held home invader at gunpoint: ‘I almost shot him’

Real Estate & Property Tax Law

Lawyer’s tree house, rented online for $195 a night, is legal but may raise property tax bill