Privacy Law

Internet Law

Twitter user who created parody mayoral account settles suit over police raid of his home

Privacy Law

Former lawyer’s alleged confession to reporter is secretly taped by FBI

Court Security

New courthouse audio at security checkpoint caught attorneys by surprise

Legal Technology

Former FBI lawyer says his home computer was accessed by hacker from China

Privacy Law

Injunction against NSA phone records program is vacated by DC Circuit

Constitutional Law

ABA urges 11th Circuit to reconsider ban on gun-safety counseling by physicians

Attorney General

Porn emails cited by Pennsylvania AG are unsealed; she says senders ‘manufactured’ case against her

Criminal Justice

North Dakota legalizes weaponized drones for police use

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is suspended for his response to Internet criticism

Privacy Law

Police increasingly using stingray cellphone tracking technology to solve routine crimes


Canadian lawsuit seeks $578M over dump of hacked info from Ashley Madison dating site

Privacy Law

Prosecutors drop case after federal judge rules laptop seized at border can’t be searched

Privacy Law

Email secrecy claim by Pennsylvania’s AG appears at odds with newly released document


Police lack policies for use of facial recognition on suspects, NY Times says

Criminal Justice

Insider traders used hackers to steal press releases, indictments allege

Civil Rights

Acquitted man sues ‘Cold Justice’ producers and sheriff over claimed malicious murder prosecution

Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane is charged in grand jury leak, accused of lying about it

Privacy Law

Cops caught on pot raid video argue they deserved privacy after disabling all but one camera

Annual Meeting

Protections against domestic and sexual violence must be extended to all, ABA leaders say

Annual Meeting

Bar licensing groups urged to tread carefully when asking about mental health