Sentencing/Post Conviction

Some defendants get sentences reduced when prosecutors heed judges’ suggestions

Lawyer Pay

Prosecutors and PDs will share in $18M equal-pay settlement

Criminal Justice

Chemerinsky joins call for US probe of jailhouse informant program

Constitutional Law

AG Kathleen Kane is ‘legally disabled,’ top deputy tells Pennsylvania senate committee


Prosecutor shot by her husband will handle domestic violence cases

Criminal Justice

Ex-prosecutor takes plea in child-porn case involving client’s children

White-Collar Crime

Dewey prosecution could have been handled better, DA says

Legal Ethics

Top prosecutors under AG Kathleen Kane raise concerns about her lack of an active law license

Government Law

Former prosecutors sue embattled AG Kathleen Kane

Criminal Justice

Lawyer dad is banned from posting son’s bail over police-shooting death of 6-year-old


Should judge dismiss case because DA didn’t know about FBI witness payments? Court battle continues

Criminal Justice

Defendant who didn’t get exculpatory DNA results can withdraw guilty plea, state supreme court says

Criminal Justice

Is alleged drug kingpin influencing co-defendants by paying for their counsel?

Criminal Justice

Ex-prosecutor who choked woman at bar while costumed as Clark Kent gets community service

Labor & Employment

Prosecutor suspended for allegedly pulling gun on fake spiders


Fred Thompson, lawyer, former lawmaker and actor on ‘Law & Order,’ is dead at 73

Criminal Justice

Ex-client charged with arson in fires at law firm and prosecutor’s office gets 16 years


Proposed law would ban federal prosecutors from reading emails between prison inmates and attorneys

Criminal Justice

Former prosecutor admits covering up assault of handcuffed suspect

Constitutional Law

Fired prosecutor’s suit seeking to remove DA from office must be OK’d by another DA