Public Defenders

Criminal Law

Release of police info draws suspicion, but it helps some defense attorneys

Legal Ethics

Judge who called state position a ‘lie from the pit of hell’ faces ethics charges

Lawyer Pay

Prosecutors and PDs will share in $18M equal-pay settlement

Criminal Justice

Judge orders murder retrial, cites ‘overwhelmed’ PD who had 88 felony cases

Public Defenders

PD’s office says it can’t accept any more cases; ethics prof sees triage system

Criminal Justice

PD pays $300 to appeal $25 fine for vibrating cellphone

Death Penalty

As execution looms, appellate lawyers fight client’s effort to get new counsel and seek clemency

Criminal Justice

Free courthouse ‘boutique’ helps defendants look their best at trial

Trials & Litigation

Public defender suit says she was terrorized by serial stalker assigned as a client


Proposed law would ban federal prosecutors from reading emails between prison inmates and attorneys

Trials & Litigation

Turn off security cameras in interview area of new $230M courthouse, federal judge says

Constitutional Law

County’s judges and public defenders are sued over alleged inadequate representation

Criminal Justice

Meet the California public defender who is ‘shaking the Orange County legal system to its bedrock’

Government Law

NYC to hire more lawyers, nearly double $34M budget to battle evictions

Court Security

Legal Aid threatens suit over interview-room cameras at new $230M courthouse

Trials & Litigation

New Yorker profiles ‘St. Judy,’ revered defense lawyer who, for first time, had a client get death

Constitutional Law

Did robbery defendant forfeit right to an attorney? Top state court to decide

Privacy Law

Public defender sues over alleged law enforcement scrutiny of her driving records

Juvenile Justice

Maryland public defender investigating every juvenile life-without-parole case

American Bar Association

ABA brief supports cause of action for constructive denial of counsel due to PD underfunding