Public Defenders


Feds drop gun case and judge blasts police after security camera contradicts officers’ testimony

Legal Ethics

Reprimand and apology sought from judge who emailed public defenders, insulted prosecutor

Criminal Justice

Man accused of killing longtime public defender is privately arraigned on psych ward

Constitutional Law

Lawsuit against New York state says Bronx misdemeanor delays ‘fatally undermined the right to trial’

Criminal Justice

DA admits ‘distressing’ lack of disclosure to defense counsel about jail informants

Constitutional Law

Lawyers, judges and bar groups celebrate Law Day 2016 around the country


Off-duty time with Legal Eagles recreational hockey team set lawyer on path to become an NHL coach

Trials & Litigation

Judge jails public defender for contempt for arguing in court

Constitutional Law

Due to lack of counsel, New Orleans judge freezes cases against 7 inmates and orders their release

Constitutional Law

ABA backs call by Louisiana chief justice to provide necessary funds for public defenders

Privacy Law

Cop turned bodycam on during ‘hallway deposition’ with defense lawyer, sparking outraged response

Death Penalty

Fast-track death-penalty appeals get a boost with 9th Circuit standing decision

Constitutional Law

Convicted of murder despite out-of-state vacation alibi, man is freed on DA’s motion after 20 years

Criminal Justice

South Dakota bills defendants for PD representation; state bill collector would tack on 20% fee


California Gov. Jerry Brown appoints a high percentage of former public defenders to the bench

Criminal Justice

Woman took urine tests and paid court fees months after dismissal of case, lawyer says

Criminal Justice

Jailed 6 months in paintbrush theft, man seeks plea hearing and return of ‘Mr. Froggy’

Constitutional Law

Trial judge got it right by appointing new counsel despite defendant’s objection, top NY court says

Bar Associations

Former NC justice calls for outside review of state bar, says it’s divided into ‘two extreme camps’

National Pulse

Databases create access to police misconduct cases and offer a handy tool for defense lawyers