Public Defenders

Criminal Justice

Meet the California public defender who is ‘shaking the Orange County legal system to its bedrock’

Government Law

NYC to hire more lawyers, nearly double $34M budget to battle evictions

Court Security

Legal Aid threatens suit over interview-room cameras at new $230M courthouse

Trials & Litigation

New Yorker profiles ‘St. Judy,’ revered defense lawyer who, for first time, had a client get death

Constitutional Law

Did robbery defendant forfeit right to an attorney? Top state court to decide

Privacy Law

Public defender sues over alleged law enforcement scrutiny of her driving records

Juvenile Justice

Maryland public defender investigating every juvenile life-without-parole case

American Bar Association

ABA brief supports cause of action for constructive denial of counsel due to PD underfunding

Civil Rights

Lawyer arrested while representing client in courthouse hallway sues city and police

Trials & Litigation

Judge has public defender handcuffed, but gives him a break at contempt hearing

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Man will be resentenced over trial judge’s comments in unrelated case

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer is charged in federal drug case; judge appoints public defender

Constitutional Law

Midnight motion wins almost immediate court order allowing public defender to see client

Criminal Procedure

Blistered by judge, ‘ineffective’ lawyer gets murder case against client dismissed

Public Defenders

Man spent 110 days in jail in ‘new’ case for which he’d already served his time

Constitutional Law

Suspect’s right to counsel doesn’t require cop to step out of room, top state court says

Trials & Litigation

Judge imposes $1,300 fine on unpaid court-appointed lawyer for refusing to try case

Opening Statements

Planned documentary will look at the shortcomings of the public defender system


ABA addresses ‘destabilizing loss of public confidence’ in criminal justice in joint statement

Public Defenders

ACLU sues California county and state over public defender caseload