Real Estate & Property Law

Government Law

In wake of class action filing, Philadelphia DA drops effort to forfeit some homes

Law in Popular Culture

Acclaimed film on ‘Dinosaur 13’ legal battle airs on CNN

Trials & Litigation

Disbarred closing attorney scheduled to plead guilty in mortgage-fraud case is found dead

Legal History

Judge says investigative files for ‘In Cold Blood’ murders can be published by investigator’s son

Criminal Justice

Law firm secretary is accused of forging judge’s signature to delay eviction

White-Collar Crime

Law firm chief convicted in $13M loan-modification scheme, faces up to 70 years

Banking Law

Fannie Mae pursues borrowers for foreclosure losses in ‘robo-signer redux’

Accident and Injury Law

Woman whose 4 pit bulls killed neighbor’s dog, in its own yard, sues neighbor for $1M

U.S. Supreme Court

Can second mortgages on underwater property be voided in bankruptcy? SCOTUS to decide

Animal Law

Wind farm sues feds to stop release of bird-death data to Associated Press

Trials & Litigation

Man who fell out of reclining chair during deposition loses negligence case against law firm

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer, 14 others charged in $20M ‘prince and pauper’ mortgage and welfare scheme


‘Hunters’ targeted lawyer as ‘prey’ in fatal carjacking at upscale mall, retired detective says

Government Law

Would-be condo developer sues residents who spoke out against project at city meeting

Civil Rights

Court rejects housing discrimination rule that relied on statistical analysis

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is reportedly missing, along with over $3 million in trust account


No Fracking Way: Towns across the country are stopping the big energy industry

Cover Story

Unwanted Guests

Real Estate & Property Law

Venice Beach residents sue Los Angeles, saying existing laws regarding transients not enforced

Obiter Dicta

Are spirits, slayings or slurs ‘material defects’ homebuyers must be told of?