Real Estate & Property Law

Banking Law

Is time on homeowners’ side? Foreclosure case tossed without prejudice may not pause clock


Police can’t crack case of egg-attack on senior’s house despite intensive investigation

Real Estate & Property Law

One year after massive mudslide, owners of destroyed homes still trying to resolve mortgage issues

Legal Technology

Winning app at Hackcess to Justice New Orleans helps clients preserve evidence

White-Collar Crime

General counsel, 3 others federally convicted in conspiracy to fleece Las Vegas HOAs

Criminal Justice

Nude sunbather, 77, agrees to plea deal in case over his backyard practice

Consumer Law

Apartment owner axes controversial lease provision that allowed $10K fine for social media criticism

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge says man can’t smoke in his own home due to neighbor’s 2nd-hand smoke concerns

Real Estate & Property Law

Homeowners association OKs playhouse for sick girl, 6, after dad appeals to court of public opinion

Bankruptcy Law

Rent-stabilized lease can’t be sold to satisfy bankruptcy creditors, says 2nd Circuit


Chicago lawyer pieces together a missing couple’s story to obtain a court ruling that they died

Real Estate & Property Law

Lawmen swiftly solve case of missing log cabin; was its removal from homesite a crime?

Government Law

Felony Franks reopens in Chicago suburb after sign dispute leads to closing of city operation

White-Collar Crime

Former general counsel is at forefront as last 4 defendants in massive Vegas HOA case head to trial

Real Estate & Property Law

Federal judge nixes TRO on new Chicago Cubs signs sought by rooftop seating companies

Trials & Litigation

Ex-clients sue Winstead contending ‘countless mistakes’ on loan workout cost them $20M

Social Media Law

Facebook will allow users to name ‘legacy contact’ in case of death

Animal Law

Owner sues for custody of ‘zombie cat’ who returned from grave after being hit by car and buried

ABA Midyear

Fight fraudulent foreclosure rescue practices, House of Delegates urge governments

Real Estate & Property Law

Judge says funeral home couldn’t sell Lee Harvey Oswald casket, awards brother $87K plus coffin