Business of Law

Survey says BigLaw growth is highest since 2007, due to foreign mergers

Banking Law

Economic meltdown cases are being readied, Holder says

Securities Law

Former Goldman Sachs trader is found liable for securities fraud in big SEC win

Trials & Litigation

At least one juror appears to snooze during CDO testimony in ‘Fabulous Fab’ securities trial

Business of Law

California law school to cut enrollment by 40 percent, lays off 9 staff members

Opening Statements

Does a prisoner have a right to a mohel? School’s new clinic takes on religious liberties case

Securities Law

Credit-ratings firm seeks dismissal of US suit, says its statements about independence were puffery

Banking Law

DOJ toughens its Wall Street strategy, but critics see only a ‘symbolic reprimand’


US sues Standard & Poor’s over its ratings of bundled mortgages

Securities Law

AIG Won’t Join Suit Claiming Its Government Bailout Harmed Shareholders

Securities Law

AIG Considers Joining Suit Claiming Its Government Bailout Harmed Shareholders

U.S. Supreme Court

Mortgage Meltdown Cases May Be Affected by Decision on Timing of SEC Suits

Obiter Dicta

Invasion of the House Snatchers: Some See Foreclosures as Key to Rent-Free Living

Legal News

Video: Banner Week for Financial Prosecutions; BigLaw Partners’ 2013 Predictions


Biloxi Blues: Legal-Cost Fears Have Victims of the Oil Spill Sliding out of the Middle Class


Kentucky Courts Closed Today for 1st of 3 Furlough Days After Budget Cuts

9th Circuit

Judge Kozinski Writes an Apology, Sort of, Regarding 9th Circuit Conference Site

Law by the Numb#rs

Reality Sinks in: Attitudes Have Changed About the Post-Recession Marketplace

The National Pulse

Few Jobs, But a Rack of Suits: Law Grads Claim Their Alma Maters Duped Them

Your ABA

Unequal Justice: U.S. Trails High-Income Nations in Serving Civil Legal Needs