Science & Technology Law


Homeowner’s ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ suit against neighbor fails on appeal

Privacy law

Private texts transferred to workers’ corporate iPads led to wrongful firing, suit claims

Science & Technology Law

Scientists call for moratorium on DNA editing that can be passed to future generations

Business of Law

Law partner creates SheStarts, a group to help female entrepreneurs

Criminal Justice

Can DNA be used to generate sketch of possible suspect? Cops in South Carolina give it a try

Corporate Law

Still battling code-theft case, former Goldman Sachs programmer sues bank for legal fees

Science & Technology Law

Britain nears legalization of ‘three-parent babies’

National Pulse

How should states regulate drones and aerial surveillance?

National Pulse

People with disabilities want the Internet to be more accessible

Supreme Court Report

Business-method and software patents may go through the looking glass after Alice decision

Law Firms

Bracewell IP partners lead 10-lawyer team to Pillsbury’s new office in Austin, Texas


Drug-making video leads to home seizure

Law Firms

Cooley launches in London with more than 55 lawyers from MoFo and Edwards Wildman

Aviation & Space Law

Drone video posted on YouTube raises safety, privacy concerns for one Illinois town

Antitrust Law

Plaintiffs are seeking $1B in Apple trial over software that required iTunes to be played on iPods

Opening Statements

Under the Hood: A new program at Hastings Law teaches students about startups


Firms bet on growth potential of drone law

Criminal Justice

Maker of eavesdropping and surveillance app indicted

Science & Technology Law

New DNA test can distinguish identical twins, prosecutors say; is it ‘ready for prime time’?

Government Law

Towns and cities can ban fracking in their borders, New York high court rules