Science & Technology Law

ABA Midyear Meeting

Self-driving cars will soon be street-legal, and California is getting a jump on regulating them

Law Firms

13-attorney Sidley Austin office acquires enough office space for 60 lawyers


White House asks tech companies for help with online counterterrorism measures

Startup Practice

New York’s attorney general and law clinics aid entrepreneurs

Patent Law

Patent holders rush to beat new pleading standards; record number of suits filed Monday


Judge’s statements about restroom ‘mating’ and science merit removal in transgender case, ACLU says

Privacy Law

Cops seek DNA information from and 23andMe

Intellectual Property Law

Apple infringed University of Wisconsin patent, jurors find; damages could be up to $862M

Legal Technology

Secret computer code is used to help send defendants to jail


DNA hit leads to arrest in 30-year-old murder case

Environmental Law

NYC’s ban on plastic foam food containers is overturned

Science & Technology Law

How will driverless vehicles resolve right-of-way issues? The answer isn’t clear

Privacy Law

Police increasingly using stingray cellphone tracking technology to solve routine crimes

Privacy Law

US increasingly uses malware in law enforcement, expert says; should a warrant be required?

Privacy Law

Cellphone user had no expectation of privacy in pocket-dialed call, 6th Circuit rules


New DNA techniques entitle inmate to new testing despite deadline, 9th Circuit says

Science & Technology Law

Do you have a right to neural privacy? Linking of animal brains raises issue

Education Law

University’s suit claims Alzheimer’s scientist conspired to take study data with him to new employer

Science & Technology Law

Google Earth’s digital tack, used to show location, wasn’t hearsay, 9th Circuit rules

Consumer Law

Smartwatch makers should fund $1B education campaign about driving dangers, lawyer’s suit says