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Is Your Smartphone Your 21st Century Swiss Army Knife?

Over at Advocate’s Studio, law blogger Martha Perry writes about the proliferation of smartphones and wonders whether these handy pocket devices are the modern equivalent of the…

Are Ghostwritten Legal Blogs Unethical?

When we asked late last year whether you thought it was ethical for lawyers to ghostwrite legal documents, the results were mixed. With more than 800…

E-Mail vs. Face-to-Face: What Are Your Rules?

This week, Bryan Cave chairman Don Lents told the New York Times that e-mail has its place, but sometimes, face-to-face communication with clients…

What Was Your Favorite Make-Life-Easier Tech Find in 2009?

There’s no shortage of time-saving technologies in the marketplace. In October, we wrote about 70 Sizzling Apps for smartphones.

And this month, Dec 18, 2009 5:41 PM CST

Is Free Legal Research Good Enough to Bank a Case On?

News this month that Google Scholar now gives lawyers (and anyone with an Internet connection) access to case law going back 50 to 80 years has…

Is Google Enough for You Anymore?

In November’s ABA Journal, legal technology writer Dennis Kennedy opens his Internet search toolbox and shares it with readers.

Kennedy lists a dozen alternative search engines in his article, noting…

What’s Your Favorite Tech Blawg?

We editors have been seeking friend-of-the-blawg briefs for all manner of blawgs to help us compile this year’s Blawg 100 feature for our December issue, and readers and blawggers making…

Have You Seen Lawyers, Judges Cross Ethical Lines via Social Networks?

With more and more lawyers (and judges) getting on the social network highway, we started to wonder about the potential for conflict-of-interest collisions.

Should lawyers, and judges…

Have You Seen an Online Comment Cause Professional Woes?

Recently, some management-side employment lawyers spoke up and recommended that as far as praising or panning underlings on LinkedIn, supervisors should stay neutral.…

Should There Be an Expectation of Permanent Anonymity Online?

Earlier this month, there was a big brouhaha over the outing by Ed Whelan, at Bench Memos, of the online persona ‘Publius.’

Publius turned…

What’s One Smartphone App You Can’t Do Without?

Not surprisingly, the buzz around the iPhone is prompting even die-hard BlackBerry devotees to make the switch. iPhone use is up for lawyers,…

Have You Turned to Craigslist for Clients?

We know that when consumers are on the hunt for a used set of bunk beds or a handyman, the first place they often go these days is

Are You Ready for an e-Reader & Paperless Briefcase?

In the media and all the social networks is buzz about the Kindle 2,’s popular e-reader and the competition Amazon is facing from Sony and Google.

Most are excited…

How Has Office Tech Saved You Money?

Technology, when it’s not driving us all mad, is supposed to save us time and money. Even better is when a new piece of office tech can make us money.

What Office Tech Can’t You Live Without?

If you had to give up every piece of law office technology—including e-mail, your cell phone, and all your software—but one, what would you keep?

Answer in the

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