Securities Law

White-Collar Crime

Partner who overheard lawyer discuss client merger is indicted for alleged insider trading

Criminal Justice

Securities allegations against Texas attorney general will be presented to grand jury

Corporate Law

Delaware bans bylaws imposing legal fees on plaintiffs in losing shareholder litigation

Trials & Litigation

Victory but zero damages in ex-AIG chief’s $40B bailout suit against the feds

ABA London Sessions

Laws and regulators need get up to speed with high-frequency trading technology, panelists say

Business of Law

UK law firm goes public, raises nearly $46M; how much will partners get?

Securities Law

$72M payday for 2 small law firms OK’d by judge

Criminal Justice

Lawyer pleads guilty to insider trading based on tip from golfing buddy

Securities Law

2nd Circuit appears sympathetic to Litvak’s argument that Wall Street traders often lie

Law Firms

Dewey trial expected to be ‘long legal slog’; what type of jurors will defense seek?

Election Law

Cartoon-style posters portray SEC chief as superhero who can slay ‘dark money menace’

Patent Law

Hedge fund manager aims to profit by contesting patents and shorting stock in targeted company

Corporate Law

Amid battle over bill banning fee-shifting bylaws in Delaware, legal experts point to loophole

Corporate Law

Major US contractor settles first SEC case over confidentiality pacts that silence whistleblowers

U.S. Supreme Court

Misleading corporate statements of opinion can be basis for investor suits, Supreme Court says

Legal Ethics

Stoel Rives lawyer blasts ‘misguided effort’ after Oregon supremes toss ethics complaint

Securities Law

Legal assistant’s complaints to boyfriend about work led to insider trading case against his dad

Securities Law

S&P to pay nearly $1.4B to resolve allegations it inflated ratings of mortgage securities

Corporate Law

Company whose business plan includes marijuana gets SEC approval of share registration

Securities Law

S&P to pay nearly $80M to settle claim over 2011 ratings of mortgage securities; bigger deal looms