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Law Practice Management

Law firms can spend a lot, or very little, and improve their cybersecurity, experts say

Legal Rebels Profile

Salt Lake City firm Open Legal Services operates as a nonprofit, keeping hourly rates low

Solos / Small Firms

Pro bono gives solos experience and satisfaction

Trials & Litigation

Lawyers acquitted of coaching witnesses to lie; case a ‘scary attack’ on defense bar, counsel says

Law Firms

Partners to dissolve litigation boutique after 35-year run instead of signing new lease

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Georgia state bar to launch lawyer incubator program

Copyright Law

Ethics case alleges ‘settlement shakedown’ by lawyer whose Prenda firm sued porn downloaders

Law Firms

Bankruptcy trustee seeks clawback of bonuses paid before before law firm closed

Law Firms

Law firm’s suit claims former partner violated deal to pay $200K if appeals court ruled against him


Harley rider focuses on motorcycle law in office at converted service station

Criminal Justice

Bomb goes off at door of law firm

Annual Meeting

Sen. Durbin promotes pro bono, honors award recipients


Have we reached the end of the partnership model?


These ‘time hacks’ helped lawyer juggle practice with side business

Trials & Litigation

Bankruptcy firm chief sues ex-associate for $1M over alleged software conspiracy


We want to be the best, so we don’t hire Ivy League law grads, says small-firm chief

Business of Law

Paid $650K in bonuses, 2 lawyers formed new firm and ‘wiped out’ senior lawyer, suit says

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer who had firm pay his personal expenses in lieu of a paycheck pleads guilty to tax evasion

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Should you be trying to expand your small practice?

Your ABA

Latest employment numbers for 2014 law school graduates don’t add up to a clear trend