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Asked and Answered

Do you have what it takes to be a rural lawyer? (podcast with transcript)

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What things do you consider before taking a case? | Bloggers review novel by ATL’s David Lat

Law Firms

Armstrong Teasdale opens office in Denver

Law Firms

Fox Rothschild acquires Dallas boutique firm

Cover Story

Too Many Lawyers? Not Here. In rural America, lawyers are few and far between

Legal Marketing

5-attorney family law firm is lead sponsor for NASCAR driver, hopes he will win race and new clients

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction

Harper Lee, ABA Journal fiction prizes announced

Legal Rebels Profile

How Patrice Perkins creatively serves her creative clients

Law Firms

Defunct law firm must still pay for sublease in Manhattan, court rules

Criminal Justice

Lawyer charged with murder solicitation targeted his former office manager, her lawyer says

Annual Meeting

Lawyers offer tips on how to adapt to the ongoing disruption in the legal market

Legal Ethics

Solo is censured for failing to detect paralegal’s participation in mortgage fraud scheme

Trials & Litigation

Ex-business partner of lawyer convicted in ‘kids for cash’ seeks freeze on incoming $150M legal fee

Solos & Small Firms

Solos sometimes need help hiring help

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Bill would regulate gun ads for kids | An NTSB for death penalty cases?

Legal Marketing

Brewery sues DUI law firm, says look-alike ‘Sessions Law’ mark confuses ‘Session Lager’ customers

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer sued by Judge Judy over TV ads says stations urged him to participate

Law Firms

Five months after fire, lawyers are back at work in rehabbed office; arson case is ongoing

Civil Procedure

Ex-client says law firm filed suit in wrong state, causing loss of $161M case

Legal Marketing & Consulting

Solo claims two law firms stole his website content, harming his Google search-result position