South Carolina

Criminal Justice

Cop in South Carolina is indicted in shooting death of man pulled over for a broken taillight

Law Schools

Charleston School of Law lays off seven more faculty members, plans to enroll fall class

Law Schools

Can this legal maneuver save Charleston School of Law?

Verdicts & Settlements

Transgender teen wins right to obtain driver’s license that ‘looks like me’

Criminal Justice

Attorney was shot to death with own gun; son had psychotic episode, former law partner says

Criminal Justice

Son is charged with murder in slaying of criminal defense lawyer

Civil Rights

Cop in motorist shooting video gets new lawyer after previous counsel quits

Criminal Justice

Officer is charged with murder after shooting video surfaces

Trials & Litigation

Judge cuts $1.6M jury verdict for lawyer who said she was hounded by sheriff’s office to $300K

Death Penalty

Murder conviction of boy, 14, is tossed 70 years after his execution; judge cites bad lawyering

Criminal Justice

Security guards with less training than manicurists wield considerable power

Law Schools

New law school president throws in towel after 8 days on the job

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS refuses another stay in a same-sex marriage case

Constitutional Law

Top state court says judges cannot issue same-sex marriage licenses until federal judge rules

Criminal Justice

Lawyer gets probation for failing to report kickback scheme, says he didn’t want to rock the boat


Another drug lab is shut down due to concerns about flawed work by staff

Criminal Justice

Mom faces disorderly conduct charge for dropping F-bomb while shopping with kids

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer faces charges linked to claimed $28M health insurance fraud

Criminal Justice

Lawyer admits failing to report homecoming kickback scheme; he allegedly gave his cut to charity

Internet Law

Murder defendant’s lawyer asks judge to stop mom from posting about her daughter’s death on Facebook