South Carolina

Legal Technology

LegalZoom business model OK’d by South Carolina Supreme Court

White-Collar Crime

Once-prominent lawyer gets 5 years in federal prison for stealing $2.4M from clients

Disability Law

Survey leads to multiple federal complaints of widespread discrimination against deaf renters

Criminal Justice

Judge mulls retrial in case of 14-year-old black youth tried and executed in 1944


S.C. prosecutors seek recusal of supreme court justice from all criminal cases for critical remarks

Law Schools

Are InfiLaw’s for-profit law schools succeeding? Plan to buy fourth school spurs concerns

Family Law

Supreme Court ruling in Baby Veronica case didn’t end the adoption dispute

Trials & Litigation

Girlfriend, 69, found guilty of murder in slaying of lawyer, 79, and sentenced to life

Trials & Litigation

Did longtime girlfriend plot to kill 79-year-old lawyer?

White-Collar Crime

Attorneys are federally indicted in claimed multimillion-dollar law practice frauds

White-Collar Crime

Suspended lawyer accused in claimed $1M-plus client extortion scheme takes mail-fraud plea

Criminal Justice

Prosecuting attorney is accused of dismissing charges in exchange for sexual favors


Ron Motley—asbestos and tobacco ‘class-action pioneer’—has died

Around the Blawgosphere

Blogger reads between lines of NSA lawyer’s ‘false myths’ speech, knowing what we know now

Business of Law

Adams and Reese to acquire a 23-lawyer firm

Constitutional Law

Sex-reassignment surgery of infant in state’s care violated due process, adoptive parents allege

Law Firms

Ogletree leader says he quit over lawyer issue and will take group and $10M business book elsewhere

White-Collar Crime

Missing lawyer faces multiple lawsuits

Trusts & Estates

James Brown estate settlement overturned by state Supreme Court

Criminal Justice

Woman shot in face outside court, suspect shoots at police during chase