South Carolina

White-Collar Crime

Suspended lawyer accused in claimed $1M-plus client extortion scheme takes mail-fraud plea

Criminal Justice

Prosecuting attorney is accused of dismissing charges in exchange for sexual favors


Ron Motley—asbestos and tobacco ‘class-action pioneer’—has died

Around the Blawgosphere

Blogger reads between lines of NSA lawyer’s ‘false myths’ speech, knowing what we know now

Business of Law

Adams and Reese to acquire a 23-lawyer firm

Constitutional Law

Sex-reassignment surgery of infant in state’s care violated due process, adoptive parents allege

Law Firms

Ogletree leader says he quit over lawyer issue and will take group and $10M business book elsewhere

White-Collar Crime

Missing lawyer faces multiple lawsuits

Trusts & Estates

James Brown estate settlement overturned by state Supreme Court

Criminal Justice

Woman shot in face outside court, suspect shoots at police during chase

In-House Counsel

General Counsel for SC Motor Vehicles Dept Is Reprimanded for Writing Judges, Not Copying Parties

Criminal Justice

Handcuffed Defendant Takes Plea, Decks Defense Counsel with a Single Punch, Gets 6 Months More Time


Man Unaware of Partying Teens’ Apparent Trespass Until He Spotted Facebook Photos Taken in His House

Immigration Law

Investigators Say There Are Likely More Immigration Victims of Disbarred Lawyer

White-Collar Crime

Suspended SC Lawyer Indicted, Accused of Extorting $1.1M from Clients for Law Firm, Self

Legal Ethics

Top Court Nixes Lawyer’s Pro Se Cert Petition Objecting to Public Admonition by 4th Circuit

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Judge Orders DUI Defendant to Write Report on Book of Job

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Is Suspended Amid Allegations He Punched and Bit a Cop Who Tasered Him

Legal Ethics

Lawyer Accused of Smuggling Contraband Into Jail to Influence Witness Against His Own Son

Real Estate & Property Law

Homeowner on ‘60 Minutes’ Foreclosure Program Will Get $18M Settlement in Whistle-Blower Case