Legal Ethics

Ruling gets lawyer a 1-year suspension for misconduct

Legal Ethics

Lawyer is publicly censured for not disclosing teen shoplifting conviction on bar application

Bankruptcy Law

Rent-stabilized lease can’t be sold to satisfy bankruptcy creditors, says 2nd Circuit

Trials & Litigation

Federal court issues injunction to lift Nebraska’s same-sex marriage ban

Legal Ethics

Juror accused of lying about her past is indicted, excused from murder trial

Attorney General

Traffic stops by Ferguson cops are expected to be targeted in Justice Department report

Law Firms

Former partner with Asperger’s alleges bonus bias, solicitation of prostitutes by colleague

Disability Law

Lawyer’s claustrophobia ADA suit survives motion to dismiss


A new defense approach to storytelling changes capital cases in Texas

Opening Statements

Alabamans ready yet another effort to reform the state’s supersized constitution


Florida Bar restrictions on lawyer ads which cite past results is struck down by federal court

Criminal Justice

DA: Courthouse defendant tells another defendant’s girlfriend he’s a lawyer, steals $1,300

Constitutional Law

Family sues over man’s suicide during armed standoff with authorities outside his home

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge sanctions 3 lawyers, says they can’t file oil spill claims against BP

Real Estate & Property Law

Lawmen swiftly solve case of missing log cabin; was its removal from homesite a crime?

Business of Law

Legal incubator dubbed ‘Project Lemonade’ gets $400K grant from MacArthur Foundation

Criminal Justice

Feds cite ISIS in effort to get stiff sentence for civil rights worker with law degree

White-Collar Crime

Former judge gets 26 months in federal case over $2.9M investment scheme

Criminal Justice

Cop uses crowdfunding to pay for DNA test and gets pulled from case

Legal Ethics

Former client posed murder hypothetical, lawyer testifies