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Business of Law

Avvo offers fixed-fee legal services through an attorney network in 18 states

Corporate Law

Despite conflict, Covington can represent Minnesota in major enviro suit against 3M, judge rules

Criminal Justice

Immigration lawyer gets 21 months for trying to help client disobey court order, flee US

Personal Lives

Maryland lawyer gets hundreds of texts seeking free burritos


Family says prominent lawyer was murdered, and did not kill his wife

Trials & Litigation

Sued over fatal shooting, Chicago cop files $10M emotional distress counterclaim

Criminal Justice

Sleep deprivation increases false confessions, study suggests

Immigration Law

Federal court refuses to ‘stick its judicial nose into this political morass’ involving refugees

First Amendment

Judge bars release of anti-abortion group’s undercover videos

The New Normal

What happens to BigLaw when banks become software companies?


Federal judge issues ‘order on ineptitude’ in prosecutor benchslap

Juvenile Justice

A child who murders ‘cannot be willy-nilly turned loose into society,’ judge says

Second Amendment

4th Circuit requires strict scrutiny of assault-weapons ban, says it’s not ‘a rubber stamp’

Bar Associations

Former NC justice calls for outside review of state bar, says it’s divided into ‘two extreme camps’

ABA Midyear Meeting

Efforts to fight terrorism are undermining the human rights movement, says prominent advocate

ABA Midyear Meeting

Supreme Court should make video of oral arguments available to public, ABA House urges

ABA Midyear Meeting

Could Uniform Bar Exam help law grads’ mobility? ABA House asks states to adopt it ‘expeditiously’

ABA Midyear Meeting

Encourage continuing legal education on diversity and inclusion, House urges

ABA Midyear Meeting

House approves model regulatory objectives for nontraditional legal services

Privacy Law

Lawyer sues Avvo, says unauthorized use of professional info violates right of publicity