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Afternoon Briefs: ‘Not qualified’ judicial nominee confirmed; white nationalist group awarded attorney fees

Judicial nominee rated ‘not qualified’ wins confirmation

Judicial nominee Sarah Pitlyk was confirmed Wednesday to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri despite a “not qualified” rating…

Judge who shared ‘foreign mud’ article on Facebook is reprimanded for partisan posts
A Memphis judge who shared an article on Facebook calling some immigrants “foreign mud” has been publicly reprimanded for posting information that was partisan in nature.
Estate of executed man has no standing to obtain DNA testing, judge rules
A Memphis judge on Monday tossed a petition to obtain DNA testing in the case of a man executed 13 years ago.
Afternoon Briefs: Madonna sued over late start time of concert; unusual bar ceremony goes viral

Fan sues Madonna for pushing back start time of her concert

A Florida man who spent more than $1,000 on three tickets to see singer Madonna in concert at her…

Split intensifies over prosecutors’ ethical disclosure duties

States remain split on whether a prosecutor’s ethical duties for disclosures in a criminal case should extend beyond their constitutional obligations set by the U.S. Supreme Court. Most recently, the Tennessee Supreme Court vacated a formal ethics opinion that determined a prosecutor’s ethical duties were more expansive than those required under the Supreme Court’s decision in Brady v. Maryland in 1963.

Restoring voting rights in this state is a labyrinth for formerly incarcerated residents
For the past seven years, Dawn Harrington, 39, has been trying to get her voting rights back.
Afternoon Briefs: Actress sentenced in college admissions scandal; judge sides with transgender Ohioans

Actress Felicity Huffman gets 14 days in prison for college admissions scandal

Actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced Friday to 14 days in prison for her involvement in the college admissions…

Lawyer who threatened to pursue citizen’s arrest of judge is suspended for 30 days

A Tennessee lawyer has been suspended for a courtroom confrontation in which he threatened to pursue a judge’s citizen’s arrest and later criticized the judge on social media and in…

Fake lawyer pleads guilty; he created website using Cravath bios

A 23-year-old Tennessee man pleaded guilty Tuesday for holding himself out as a lawyer from an elite law school and collecting fees from would-be clients.

John Lambert, whose fake attorney…

Lawyer disbarred for claiming paralegal’s work as his own; he regrets only ‘one license to lose’ for clients

The Tennessee Supreme Court has disbarred a Knoxville lawyer for alleged false and exaggerated time entries when he submitted a request for more than $103,000 in legal fees for the…

Urge to merge: Difficult times for law schools have prompted several to attempt to be acquired by other schools

In the past three years, seven law schools announced plans to partner, gift or sell themselves to universities—all but begging the question: Why would anyone want them?

Ethics probe launched after DA calls Islam evil, says he won’t use domestic violence laws to protect gays
An ethics probe has been launched against a Tennessee district attorney who called Islam an “evil belief system” and said he won’t use domestic violence laws to protect people in same-sex marriages.
Prosecutor won’t use domestic violence laws to protect gay people, calls Islam ‘evil belief system’

A Tennessee district attorney is under fire after saying he won’t use domestic violence laws to protect people in same-sex marriages and making anti-Muslim comments.

More than 200 Nashville, Tennessee,…

Judge faces scrutiny over anti-immigrant articles he shared on Facebook, including one by Holocaust denier

A criminal court judge in Memphis has said he can be fair and impartial in court despite sharing anti-immigrant articles on Facebook, including an article by a Holocaust denier that…

Alleged phony lawyer arrested for creating fake website with Cravath bios

A Tennessee man was charged Tuesday for allegedly creating a fake website for a six-lawyer New York City law firm, so he could dupe people into paying him for legal…

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