Constitutional Law

High school student says she was disciplined for saying ‘bless you’ after classmate sneezed


Tennessee justices retained in election that attracted $1.4M in TV ads

Criminal Justice

Son-in-law takes plea in fatal bombing of retired lawyer and wife, will be in prison for life


As ads for and against 3 Tennessee justices flood the airwaves, a retention candidate hits the road

Trials & Litigation

Judge tosses suit by veteran who says Wal-Mart worker misinterpreted comment as bomb threat


Howard Baker, former US senator, White House chief of staff and practicing lawyer, is dead at 88

Death Penalty

Tennessee brings back the electric chair

Civil Rights

Under new state law, pregnancy drug use can mean assault charge for mom if baby is harmed

Criminal Justice

Prominent defense lawyer indicted in prescription drug case

Criminal Justice

Prosecutor gets her job back after filing police report against DA

Law in Popular Culture

Former TV judge Joe Brown goes to jail after he is found in contempt; hear the audio


Tennessee’s judicial retention elections are upheld by specially appointed court

White-Collar Crime

2 lawyers indicted for extortion, accused of using arrest threat to seek purported fees from client

Law Firms

Southern regional firm raids Butler Snow for lawyers to establish new Memphis, Tenn., office

Criminal Justice

Retired lawyer killed by mailbox bomb helped defend son-in-law in earlier arson case

Criminal Justice

Homeless man caught in law firm said he had been sneaking in since October

Criminal Justice

Son-in-law charged with murder in deaths of retired lawyer and spouse killed by mailbox package bomb

Criminal Justice

Lawyer’s wife also dies of injuries from mailbox package bomb

Criminal Justice

Married couple face first-degree murder charges in water-intoxication death of girl, 5


Judge who ordered parents to change baby’s name from Messiah is out of a job