Criminal Justice

White House announces another 58 sentence commutations

Criminal Justice

Angry over drug sentence, inmate filed false $5.8M debt claim against federal judge, feds say

Legal Ethics

Disbarred lawyer says he will continue to practice while appealing the order


GPS tracker put assassin on lawyer’s trail, but also helped catch the suspects, feds testify


Texas judge won’t bend to DA’s jeans-days policy

Criminal Justice

Indictment claims criminal defense lawyer coerced sex with nine court-appointed clients

Consumer Law

Lawyer now says he won’t pursue $252.25 demand for missing soup at lunch

Bar Exam

Suit says BarBri violates ADA; online study materials aren’t fully accessible to blind law grads

Consumer Law

Lawyer sends demand letter seeking $252.25 because his lunch lacked soup—but later backs off

Court Security

Jailed for murder until at least 2033, woman ‘almost got out’ before fake court order was detected

Constitutional Law

Texas suit challenging Ted Cruz’s eligibility for presidency tossed by judge

Criminal Justice

‘Affluenza’ teen who killed 4 in drunk-driving accident faces likely prison term of 720 days

Securities Law

SEC sues Texas AG Ken Paxton for securities fraud; his lawyer ‘vehemently denies’ claims

White-Collar Crime

Former lottery security chief and his brother, an ex-judge, charged with rigging payouts

Privacy Law

Did mom violate wiretap law by recording coach’s locker-room speech? Top Texas court to decide

Business of Law

Texas Lawyer becomes a monthly, but is enhancing website as primary publication

Real Estate & Property Law

Top Texas court says city’s possession of stray dog didn’t end owner rights

Trials & Litigation

April Fool’s Day tweet after court loss leads to threat of sanction

Criminal Justice

Attorney gunned down at Texas mall was de facto drug cartel chief, says defense lawyer for suspect

Criminal Justice

Cops post Ebola-tainted meth ruse to catch drug users; does it erode trust?