Court Security

DA’s investigator taken into custody, charged with pointing gun at woman in courthouse

Business of Law

Dykema to acquire 118-attorney Texas firm

Consumer Law

Suit says debt-collection law firm submitted false affidavits, seeks to void thousands of judgments

Death Penalty

Hundreds of attorneys petition top Texas court over law prof’s 1-year suspension from pro bono work

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS won’t hear case of inmate on death row for 30 years; dissenters see ‘glaring’ legal error

Personal Lives

Lawyer appears to take credit for ‘exclusively for white people’ stickers

Executive Branch

Federal judge questions trust in Obama, threatens Justice Department sanctions on immigration action

Legal Ethics

Arson-deaths prosecutor is accused of not disclosing informant deal; defendant was executed in 2004


Former state chief justice is ashamed of the fundraising process

Law in Popular Culture

HBO to make TV movie based on case of ex-lawyer accused of killing 2 prosecutors

Health Law

Nurse who got Ebola from first US patient sues hospital, says privacy was violated


Allegation of sexual misconduct by federal judge in 1998 will be investigated by committee

Law Firms

Former partner with Asperger’s alleges bonus bias, solicitation of prostitutes by colleague


A new defense approach to storytelling changes capital cases in Texas

Legal Ethics

Panel clears federal appeals court judge in ethics case over death-penalty speech

Criminal Justice

Angry at 10-year prison term, offender tries to arrange to kill judge and gets another 80 years

Trials & Litigation

Ex-clients sue Winstead contending ‘countless mistakes’ on loan workout cost them $20M

Animal Law

Elderly man goes to jail for 9 days for feeding cats; advocacy group hopes to rewrite law

Criminal Justice

Trial begins for man accused of seeking hit on judge who gave him 10 years in offender-registry case

Immigration Law

Obama’s executive action on immigration blocked for now by federal judge