Tort Law

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Tort Law

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says

Disability Law

Arizona AG asks for mass dismissal of multiple ADA cases; calls lawyer’s tactics ‘systemic abuse’

Tort Law

Law prof loses assault suit over alleged shoulder grab by colleague

Law Firms

Judge tosses law firm’s suit claiming client raised a ruckus, causing lost business

Trials and Litigation

Judge rules for artist Peter Doig, who says ‘Pete Doige’ painting once valued at $10M wasn’t his

Business of Law

Spurned recruiter sues BigLaw partner who used competitor; was recorded phone call a contract?

Consumer Law

Judge tosses suit claiming ice in Starbucks beverages shortchanges customers on liquid

Criminal Justice

Lawyer accuses US of ‘ridiculousness’ after acquittal in Gulf oil spill fraud case

Real Estate & Property Law

Homebuyers’ suit over threatening letters from ‘the Watcher’ is allowed to proceed

Internet Law

Judge rules Twitter is protected from liability lawsuit over ISIS propaganda

First Amendment

Two Ohio lawyers sue for access to lists of workers’ comp claimants, claim First Amendment violation

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer who won $9B Chevron judgment can’t collect it; 2nd Circuit upholds RICO injunction

ABA Annual Meeting

Who gets the blame when driverless cars crash? Everybody.

Legal Ethics

Federal judge reprimands five class-action lawyers for using court as a ‘bargaining chip’

Internet Law

Suit claims law firm defamed accused killer in website statements

Privacy Law

New Jersey man plagued by Pokemon Go players files nuisance class action

Law Firms

Suit claims ‘aggressive litigation’ against law firm drove it into bankruptcy


Fines against unsafe nursing homes are considered a slap on the wrist


Lawsuits fail to bring improvements to nursing homes

Law Firms

Law firm sues ex-client over her online reviews about ‘pushy’ and ‘super unprofessional’ lawyers
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