Tort Law

Tort Law

‘Capturing the Friedmans’ defendant loses defamation suit against prosecutor

Health Law

Nurse who got Ebola from first US patient sues hospital, says privacy was violated

Verdicts & Settlements

Tobacco companies agree to pay $100M to settle federal suits in Florida

Criminal Justice

Lawyer gets 1-day suspended sentence in taxicab incident; civil rights suit by driver is ongoing

Products Liability

Woman sues over barbecue brush, seeks unspecified damages for surgery costs

Trials & Litigation

Midwest law firm wins record $62M settlement from Lockheed in suit over 401(k) fees

Tort Law

Heir can sue herself for causing accident that killed her husband, Utah appeals court says

Civil Rights

Ex-clerk sues judge, says his own mental health was questioned when he refused to be bullied

Legal Ethics

Lawyer sanctioned $1M wins stay of collection efforts

U.S. Supreme Court

Retired justice responds to editorial slamming ‘bizarre 2011 ruling’

Tort Law

Appeals court: City can be sued over faded crosswalk; will comparative negligence still bar claim?

Trials & Litigation

Ex-inmate sues Northwestern University and journalism prof, says they coerced a false confession

Animal Law

Family faces $500K default judgment for alleged ‘howling and explosively barking’ dog

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer blamed for reversed verdict feels vindicated by appellate ruling that judge abused discretion

Civil Procedure

Top state court nixes $2.5M personal injury suit because filing fee was $2 short

Law Firms

Surgical center claims unauthorized lawsuit resulted in counterclaim costing $2.1M

Trials & Litigation

Both sides proclaim victory in jury’s $140K award to ex law firm associate, but say they may appeal

Legal Ethics

Judge who sanctioned lawyer $1M says she ‘sabotaged’ the case by eliciting banned testimony

Labor & Employment

Ex-associate who sued law firm seeking $2M wins $90K plus undetermined punitives

Tort Law

Desperately seeking med-mal attorneys; $500K damages cap deters South Dakota lawyers, some say