Tort Law

Media & Communications Law

Judge tosses frat members’ defamation suit against Rolling Stone over retracted rape article

Environmental Law

Michigan suit accuses two companies of giving negligent advice on Flint water

Trials & Litigation

Houston lawyer sues Starbucks for alleged burns from spilled coffee

Trials & Litigation

Suit targeting Council on American-Islamic Relations over fake lawyer is reinstated by DC Circuit

Tort Law

New suits filed over sperm donor who claimed to be a neuroscientist, but wasn’t

Tort Law

Man pleads guilty in auto crash, then sues city alleging police siren and lights distracted him

Product Liability

If a self-driving car equipped with an AI-driven conscience gets in an accident, who’s liable?

Law Firms

Shook Hardy names first woman leader of the firm

Immigration Law

Amidst claims ICE should do more to ID lawful residents, detained citizen wins $20K award

Real Estate & Property Law

9th Circuit OKs legal fees in failed suit over school bus converted to look like Spanish galleon

Criminal Justice

Man exits news conference about his lawsuit over police shooting, is arrested for murder

Trials & Litigation

Federal judge nixes big-game hunter’s suit over airline’s refusal to transport trophy rhinoceros

Trials and Litigation

Attorney who took over husband’s death-penalty case after he was killed is sued for malpractice

Tort Law

Man hurt by SWAT team as he tried to cash check can seek another $3.3M award from Bank of America

Court Security

Angry at killer’s lack of remorse, dad sprints across courtroom and makes flying leap, video shows

Tort Law

Ski resorts have no liability for avalanches, Colorado Supreme Court rules

Labor & Employment

Fired by feds over critical op-eds, former Gitmo chief prosecutor settles free-speech case for $100K

Trials & Litigation

2 cops charged in Freddie Gray case sue top Baltimore prosecutor for defamation

Labor & Employment

Lawyer banned by fitness club had no standing to complain about retaliation, says appeals court

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer-turned-entrepreneur admits he financed Hulk Hogan’s Gawker suit