Trials & Litigation

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ABA group will publish article calling Trump a ‘libel bully’

Trials & Litigation

Ammon Bundy’s lawyer is stunned with Taser and arrested after acquittals in refuge standoff

First Amendment

Oregon civil rights lawyer files First Amendment suit over surveillance of his Twitter account

Law Schools

Law school agrees to second name change after losing injunction fight in trademark suit

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Is court delaying some oral arguments in hopes of 9th justice?

Criminal Justice

Lawyer attributes his dozing at trial to cold medicine; 11 jurors said they noticed

Women in the Law

Fired general counsel sues for alleged gender and age bias, claims pay talk was banned

Health Law

AARP suit claims wellness-program regulations allow employers to coerce participation

Trials & Litigation

Should race and gender be used in calculating lost income? It’s a common practice

Criminal Justice

Lawyer agrees to pay restitution for removing cameras outside his client’s apartment

Environmental Law

Species may be called endangered based on projected climate change, 9th Circuit rules

American Bar Association

ABA official expressed concern but didn’t ban report calling Trump ‘a libel bully,’ spokeswoman says

Criminal Justice

Facial recognition may be unreliable, and nearly half of US adults are in databases, study finds

Tort Law

Subway pitchman’s ex-wife seeks damages for failure to report his ‘pedophile behavior’

Civil Procedure

Federal judge chastises FTC for threatening to ‘pick up its marbles’ and play in other venues

Criminal Justice

Former Dewey finance director signs new plea agreement with shorter recommended sentence

Trials & Litigation

Suit claims lawyers used ‘stooge defendants’ to get courts to order scrubbing of bad online reviews

Asked and Answered

The art of getting clients to pay (podcast with transcript)

Election Law

How a Trump election challenge could play out

Constitutional Law

Federal judge allows suit challenging female topless ban as equal protection violation
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