Trials & Litigation


Many courts close early Monday, plan to stay shuttered Tuesday as predicted monster snowstorm looms

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS, 6th Circuit agree judge was immune from suit over affair with party in case

Constitutional Law

Is a nude violinist akin to a naked bicyclist? Federal civil rights suit says yes, seeks $1M

Privacy Law

Should Google stop pointing out police cars to users of popular Waze traffic app?

Criminal Justice

Utah inmate forfeited right to counsel after threatening several lawyers, state’s top court says

Labor & Employment

Suit claims humiliation by Target store managers caused cashier’s suicide


Prosecutor’s PowerPoint closing leads to overturned conviction

Legal Ethics

Would-be client says Baker Botts revealed his unsolicited email, resulting in his firing

Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania supremes block any charges against state attorney general


Tsarnaev trial judge seals defense motion quoting juror questionnaires

Animal Law

Humane Society suit claims harassment by Oklahoma attorney general

Labor & Employment

McDonald’s sued by former employees over ‘racist’ franchise in Virginia

Criminal Justice

Puerto Rico judge convicted in bribe-taking case

Civil Rights

Baker who would not decorate a cake with anti-gay slurs faces civil rights complaint

White Collar Crime

Lawyer who duped investors with fake Facebook stock gets 46 months

Trials & Litigation

Former lawyer has 237 years to pay off malpractice judgment

Criminal Justice

Grand jury recommends perjury charge against Pennsylvania AG; she vows not to resign

Media & Communications Law

Paris mayor vows to sue Fox News over false reports of Muslim ‘no-go’ zones

Securities Law

S&P to pay nearly $80M to settle claim over 2011 ratings of mortgage securities; bigger deal looms

Trials & Litigation

Was ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ multiple people? Federal judge limits defense in $200M Silk Road case