Trials & Litigation

Criminal Justice

Parents of man charged with slaying 12 at Batman movie premiere plead for life-sentence plea bargain

Court Security

Sheriff: Murderer’s claimed contact with 2 jurors in court elevator didn’t happen exactly as he says

Constitutional Law

Tis the season for lawsuits over holiday displays

Government Law

In wake of class action filing, Philadelphia DA drops effort to forfeit some homes

Legal Ethics

Top state court temporarily suspends municipal judge without pay, orders her not to practice law


Graffiti suspect may have tagged from Seattle to Southern California, police say

Trials & Litigation

Judge who flashed badge at police officer claims selective DUI prosecution, but jury convicts her

Trials & Litigation

Odor in the court! Another judge complains of ‘repugnant stench’ from filing by state AG’s office

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer pleads guilty in money-laundering case, admits getting $390K from client drug-trafficker

Trials & Litigation

Attorney accused in claimed $2.3M law firm scheme has settled suit, is discussing deal with feds

Legal Ethics

Court filing says attorney took up to $15M or more from clients, seeks freeze on bank accounts


Brad Pitt gets a pass on LA jury duty because his presence is too distracting

Labor & Employment

Top state court OKs $151M jury verdict against Wal-Mart over off-the-clock work by employees


Law firm appeals ruling that ex-client can discover communications with in-house counsel

Education Law

Sued by dad over his 13-year-old daughter’s suicide after bullying, school denies responsibility

Civil Rights

Dozens of lawyers join protests over police slayings

Criminal Justice

Ex-lawyer gets death in murder of DA’s wife; judge compares him to Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer

Criminal Justice

3rd county judge charged in DUI case goes to trial, after nixing plea deal

Criminal Justice

DA blasts AG for saying corruption case against lawmakers shouldn’t be prosecuted

Corporate Law

Controversial American Apparel chief is fired after years of litigation against the company