United Kingdom


Fake law firm websites use real firms’ photos and info, but alter contact details

Business of Law

Slater & Gordon offers law firm stock-purchase plan for UK workers


Guilty as charged? No problem, UK expert witnesses tell undercover reporters

Work/Life Balance

Too much work, too little time is a chief cause of stress for London trainee lawyers

Labor & Employment

Partner can sue own law firm as a whistleblower, top UK court rules

Criminal Justice

Boston College offers to return interviews of Irish paramilitary troops


George Clooney is engaged to high-profile human rights lawyer

Sentencing/Post Conviction

Prison inmate who broke out to flee ‘very noisy’ rap music sentenced to 10 extra months

Advertising Law

Ad poking fun at Pistorius murder trial sparks protests

Around the Blawgosphere

Should napping at work be encouraged? | Federal judge returns to popular blog with an announcement

Legislation & Lobbying

Thousands of lawyers protest ‘unnecessary and crippling’ UK legal aid cuts, boycott court hearings

International Law

Thefts of $470M in bitcoins spur lawsuits, calls for regulation; a ‘bitcoin paradox,’ law prof says

International Law

UK spies stored Yahoo webcam images from around the world (some explicit): Does NSA have copies?

Legal Ethics

Resume lies lead to disbarment for former Paul Hastings partner

Law Firms

This BigLaw firm’s ‘CV blind’ policy aims to tamp down university bias

Legal Ethics

Lawyer fined for telling friend that client ‘Harry Potter’ author wrote new novel under pseudonym

Law Firms

McKenna partners nix Dentons megamerger


Banned from Russia, Baker & McKenzie lawyer finds new landing spot in London

Law Firms

Is Dentons megamerger with McKenna Long still moving forward?

Law Firms

Average profit per partner of $1.6M at top UK law firms is less than in US, survey says