United Kingdom

Legal Technology

Law firms can block hackers with ‘known good’ use of digital documents, expert says

Law Firms

UK and Canadian firms OK 1,400-lawyer merger of equals, setting stage for more international growth

ABA London Sessions

Magna Carta’s 800th birthday brings vows of rededication to its ideals

ABA London Sessions

‘I’d give anything to have the ABA work with the judiciary in Iraq,’ UK trade envoy says

ABA London Sessions

UK and US legal systems both sprung from the Magna Carta, but many jurisdictional differences exist

ABA London Sessions

The Magna Carta is one of Britain’s best exports, Cherie Blair says

ABA London Sessions

How different would our world be today had the Magna Carta never been sealed?

ABA London Sessions

ABA’s Magna Carta anniversary celebrations kick off in London

Banking Law

UK court says ex-Dewey leader must repay $540K capital loan; he hopes US court will cancel it

Family Law

London judge sides with divorcing US lawyer in battle over baby grand piano

Business of Law

Law firm poised to be UK’s first to go public, hopes to raise $15M in IPO

Work-Life Balance

Demanding work schedules are damaging their health, say 82% of surveyed lawyers

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer says his restitution for dodging thousands in train fares should reflect weekly pass rate

Business of Law

Slater & Gordon makes $947M offer to acquire major UK personal injury law firm

Business of Law

Jenner & Block to open first overseas office; seeks to hire lawyers in London

Legal History

Winston Churchill wanted to give rare Magna Carta manuscript to US, documents show

Business of Law

2nd name partner exits Nelson Brown for Goldberg Segalla, along with 6 more attorneys in NC office

Trials & Litigation

Colorado lawyer wins $150K libel award against UK Internet troll who criticized his law firm

Law Practice Management

Fake law firm websites using real lawyers’ profiles are increasing, bar group says

Business of Law

BigLaw firm to require all workers to do 25 hours of community service each year