Government Law

Gun rights advocates sue Seattle over tax on sale of firearms and ammunition

Natural Disasters

Lawyer buys and mans fire truck to help protect neighbors threatened by wildfires

Labor & Employment

ACLU seeks contact from Amazon workers after NY Times article describes demanding job environment

Law Schools

Alaska’s first law school is satellite Seattle U campus


University to pay $480K to remove convicted embezzler’s name from stadium scoreboard

First Amendment

Appeals court rules against anti-Muslim group seeking bus ads with false terrorist-reward claims

Court Security

Man who broke into courthouse and rummaged through sheriff’s refrigerator gets 15 months

Constitutional Law

Suspect’s right to counsel doesn’t require cop to step out of room, top state court says

Environmental Law

City of Spokane sues Monsanto over expected $300M clean-up costs concerning long-ago PCBs deposits

Animal Law

9th Circuit rejects widow’s suit over fatal mountain goat attack in national park

Privacy Law

Firm challenges Seattle law requiring trash haulers to turn in composting scofflaws

Internet Law

Lawyer can’t learn identity of anonymous Avvo critic absent defamation evidence, appeals court says

Constitutional Law

Montana man seeks license to marry additional wife, cites Roberts’ gay-marriage dissent

Trials & Litigation

Judge sues neighbors over injuries she suffered in donkey attack

Court Security

Judge suffers bite wounds in court battle

Internet Law

Florida lawyer asks appeals court to unmask anonymous Avvo reviewer

Asked and Answered

Marijuana businesses need lawyers, but how do you build that practice? (podcast with transcript)

Criminal Justice

Tiny bonsai tree worth $2K is stolen from museum, abandoned and recovered but was ‘severely pruned’

Environmental Law

Dairies settle landmark cow-manure case after federal judge rules solid-waste law applies

Trials & Litigation

Man arrested and jailed for using golf club as a cane files civil rights suit