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Law Students

Former inmate attends law school, earns a Skadden Fellowship to help other convicts with re-entry

Trials & Litigation

Judge tosses suit claiming wrongful death defendant was defamed on law firm website


Bill Gates is among wealthy donors seeking to oust state justice

Criminal Justice

Man is sentenced for acid attack on judge at his home

Criminal Justice

Law exempts homeless, disabled woman from paying $15 a month in court costs, state high court rules

Public Defenders

Public defender talks armed suspect down from tree

Legal Ethics

Prosecutor’s appearance on ‘Nancy Grace’ spurs bar complaint by a defense lawyer

Privacy Law

Seattle can’t disclose location of FBI’s hidden surveillance cameras, federal judge says

Internet Law

Mozilla loses bid to learn about government hack in child-porn investigation


Music on defendant’s cellphone is not evidence of gang ties, state high court rules

Labor & Employment

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law gets green light; SCOTUS declines to hear challenge

Opening Statements

Seattle lawyer unwittingly acquires rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot’s cellphone number

Privacy Law

Law authorizing garbage inspections for composting scofflaws violates privacy rights, judge rules

Internet Law

Judge says Amazon must refund parents for in-app purchases made by children

Criminal Justice

Judge reverses conviction of man who shot neighbor outside home, says prosecutor misstated the law

American Bar Association

ABA backs proposal to eliminate questions about mental health history for Washington bar applicants

Criminal Justice

Lawyer, a Harvard law grad, gets house arrest after he is convicted of theft and barratry


Accused Russian hacker’s laptop was accessed without US search warrant, suppression motion says

Immigration Law

Immigration judge said some 4-year-olds don’t need lawyers in deportation cases, ACLU lawyer claims

Legal Ethics

Judge sanctions lawyers $32K for ‘intentionally misleading conduct’ in settlement negotiations
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