Women in the Law

Business of Law

Law partner creates SheStarts, a group to help female entrepreneurs

Trials & Litigation

Silicon Valley agog as trial looms in high-profile sex-discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins


After four-year decline, percentage of female associates ‘nudged up’ in 2014

Legal History

Sarah Weddington on being a young, female lawyer in a watershed SCOTUS case that reverberates today

Law Schools

Law dean calls out sexism in evaluation of female prof, tells students to forgo ‘fashion advice’


Women who ask for raises tend to be disliked, while men may ‘get a pass on swagger,’ law prof says


‘Life is not linear’: McDermott partner who left law practice in 1997 regains partnership

Women in the Law

At several DC firms, more women than men are promoted to partner

Lawyer Pay

Does ‘martyr mentality’ of nonprofit lawyers keep salaries low?


Husband swears in wife as he retires and she takes his seat on the bench


‘Notorious RBG’ biography in the works will be co-authored by blog creator


1915-1924: Wilson, women and war

The New Normal

Can a new breed of firms solve the attrition problem for women in the legal industry?

Women in the Law

Female law review authors are cited at a higher rate than men, study finds

Bar Exam

New mom will get stop-the-clock breaks to pump breast milk during bar exam

Legal Ethics

Judge to end case over nude photos posted online by her husband by retiring from bench

Trials & Litigation

Pregnant lawyer is denied trial delay in ‘tumultuous’ hearing; law partner blasts prosecutors

Bar Exam

Expectant mom is denied extra time to breast pump during February bar exam


Attorney Alice Lee, sister of famed ‘Mockingbird’ author, dies at age 103

Women in the Law

Lawyer cites high-risk pregnancy in trial delay request; federal judge questions her travel plans