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Five Ways Amicus Attorney Can Save You Money on Your Malpractice Insurance Premiums

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Using Amicus Attorney law practice management software can help prevent you from being sued for malpractice. It may also save you money on your malpractice insurance premiums, depending on your situation and insurer.

1. Demonstrating you are an expert in an area of law

Your Amicus Attorney makes it easy for you to demonstrate your expertise in the areas of law in which you practice.

Suppose you handle family law, criminal, and several hundred Personal Injury (PI) cases each year. You can use Amicus Attorney to demonstrate your expertise in those areas.

Using the Amicus Attorney Grouping feature from your Matter List, you can get an accurate count and a list of cases you have in each practice area. You can extract this by either printing it or by exporting a report.

Once Amicus Attorney returns the results, say to your insurer, “My law firm had xx family cases, xx criminal cases, and xxx PI cases in the last (month, quarter, or year). We’re experts in these areas, we use practice management software, and therefore we deserve a discount.”

2. Synchronizing your calendars

Amicus Attorney practice management software synchronizes with your Outlook or Gmail to ensure that nothing is missed, regardless of which calendar you look at. Whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, your calendar and email are synchronized simultaneously.

Calendar features in Amicus Attorney include tracking adjournments so you will never miss one, progressive priorities so important dates move to the top of your To Do list, and setting appointments to match your Outlook task colors.

Because missing deadlines is a major cause of malpractice claims, your insurer may grant you a discount for using a legal specific program, such as Amicus Attorney, to ensure you meet all deadlines.

3. Maintaining records

Amicus Attorney maintains a record of everything related to a case matter file. All of your events, tasks, communications, and documents are attached to the file automatically.

Since each item translates into a billing entry, your bills become very defensible. Having proof of the work you have done for a client lessens the likelihood of them challenging your bill via a malpractice claim. Mention this fact to your insurer.

4. Document searching and indexing

The impressive document searching and indexing capabilities of Amicus Attorney simplifies searching for and finding documents.

You can even search for a single word in a document, so there’s no need for you to have to scroll through massive lists merely to find something you only partially remember.

These capabilities significantly reduce the likelihood of you misplacing a client’s content, which also significantly reduces the likelihood of a client claiming you have lost their documents.

Ask your insurer what discount you receive for using Amicus Attorney superior document management.

5. Client communications

Lack of communication is the most common reason for malpractice claims, and here Amicus Attorney can truly lower your risk.

Set callback reminders that remind you to return telephone calls, and set email follow-up reminders so you do not forget to reply to email messages.

Reducing your risk of not communicating with a client naturally reduces your chances of a malpractice claim, which ought to coincide with a reduced malpractice premium.

Discover how to reduce your malpractice risk and premiums at or by calling 1-888-369-4996.

NOTE: These five ways are suggestions; not guarantees. Pricing legal malpractice insurance premiums is complex and based on many factors. Your individual situation will vary.

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