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Things to Consider When Considering Your Law Firm's Brand

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Having a strong and distinct brand is vital to every business’s success. Examples of well-known brands include Apple and Coca-Cola, but all businesses, regardless of size or scope, can benefit from taking the time to create a strong brand presence.

Your law firm’s brand includes many things, but at the very core it consists of who you are, what you do and how you do it. When framed in the right way, even the most basic functions of your firm can be highlighted to define and differentiate your firm in an effort to make your services indispensable to legal consumers. FindLaw’s latest playbook illustrates the ins and outs of branding for law firms.

The attributes you chose to emphasize and integrate into your brand are driven largely by your practice area and your clients’ specific needs.

Family Law

Family law clients often face a set of highly emotional and difficult circumstances. In some cases a client may want an attorney who is a deft negotiator to help reach an amicable agreement. In other cases, a client may want an attorney who is more aggressive to help them navigate a complicated and contentious divorce. Regardless of the specific circumstances, all family law clients want an attorney who is knowledgeable, understanding and confident. Social media can be an effective way to demonstrate your brand. LinkedIn and Facebook are great platforms to showcase your expertise and provide examples of how you serve your clients.

DUI/DWI Defense Law

Clients facing DUI/DWI charges are scared, upset and need help immediately. When looking for a criminal defense attorney, DUI/DWI clients want to know that you can help them keep their driver’s license and avoid paying hefty fines. Because of the time-sensitive nature of their case, clients facing criminal charges like a DUI/DWI are likely to contact the first firm they see and are also more likely to use a mobile device or web chat service. Using social media to address the questions and concerns these clients face and also highlighting the services you offer can help you appeal to and win over this demographic.

Personal Injury Law

After an accident, personal injury victims often face long and painful recoveries punctuated by numerous and frustrating communications with insurance companies. Personal injury clients want to know that an attorney is experienced, compassionate and able to get results. They want an attorney who can take the stress off their shoulders and who genuinely cares about their long-term well-being. Having positive client reviews can help you stand out from your competitors. Nothing a prospective client reads on your website will have as big of an impact as the collective experiences of satisfied clients expressed in online reviews.

Business Law

Business clients who turn to an attorney for assistance or advice need a knowledgeable and trusted advisor. They want to know that you understand their business and that you have a genuine interest in their long-term growth and success. Demonstrating your expertise via a blog or writings in other publications can help you appeal to and win over business clients.

As the examples highlighted above demonstrate, there is no universal one-size-fits all law firm brand. While all legal clients expect an attorney to be an effective communicator who is knowledgeable, clients have different expectations depending on their situation and circumstances. You need to be deliberate and strategic to harness the power of your brand and market to prospective clients.

To learn more about how to build an effective brand, download the playbook, “What Clients Are Saying About You Behind Your Back - How Firms Can Harness the Power of Branding.”

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