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Legal Education

ABA Legal Ed council gives its blessing to alternative licensing

Cannabis Law

With reclassifying proposal for cannabis, companies are seeing green

Law Firms

Lawsuit allegations against Sullivan & Cromwell are ‘innuendo masquerading as facts,’ motion says

Criminal Justice

Another state approves death penalty for child rape

First Amendment

Driver won’t obey judge’s order to apologize for his command to police officer

Election Law

Supreme Court restores Louisiana voting map with majority-Black district

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS upholds funding scheme for consumer agency; ‘the framers would be shocked,’ Alito dissent says

Consumer Law

Are tacos and burritos sandwiches? A judge in Indiana ruled yes

Trials & Litigation

Lawyer who missed deposition while viewing solar eclipse should pay $7,800 sanction, litigant says

What's on the Shelf?

Lawyer writes children’s book based on her childhood in Nigeria

Legal Education

Cash-strapped California bar weighs cutting ties with NCBE, teaming with Kaplan on test-writing

The Modern Law Library

When states’ rights and health care access clash


Legal community ‘bamboozled’ by woman who allegedly posed as attorney for years


Should paralegals fear artificial intelligence?

Court Security

When Trump criticizes judges online, calls for violence follow, analysis shows


Judge used N-word when questioning whether prosecutors were too aggressive, transcript shows

Practice Management

Proposal to impose nation’s most restrictive cap on contingency fees may appear on ballot, judge rules

Criminal Justice

Former BigLaw partner failed to pay taxes on about $3.4M in income, plea agreement says


Prosecutors excluded Jewish people from juries in one California county for decades, review suggests


Clinical law prof who worked for social justice killed in triple murder

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