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Criminal Justice

DA is charged with rape and strangulation of acquaintance at her home

Practice Management

Best practices for integrating new tools into a law department’s portfolio

Criminal Justice

Top Texas court tosses capital conviction because prosecutor was also clerking for the judge

Access to Justice

House’s continuing resolution would give $40M in disaster aid to Legal Services Corp.

Law Firms

What do lawyers think of the label ‘white shoe’ for law firms?

Second Amendment

4th Circuit vacates decision striking down age limit for handgun sales; is opinion still a ‘persuasive source’?

Criminal Justice

Comfort dogs can be used to assist witnesses testifying in criminal trials, top state court rules

Second Amendment

New York and other states have the right to limit concealed weapon permits, ABA says in amicus brief

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court’s new hybrid argument format allows justices to continue taking turns

Criminal Justice

2 lawyers charged in Molotov cocktail attack on cop car reach plea deal

Election Law

Law prof’s memo told Pence he could give Trump election win as ‘ultimate arbiter’ in elector count

Trials & Litigation

Trump sues niece for disclosing his tax records and the New York Times for encouraging it

Law in Popular Culture

Can Brazilian jiujitsu curb police violence? HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ takes a look


St. Louis lawyers who brandished guns at passing protesters face possible license suspension

The Modern Law Library

How to market your legal services to Hispanic clients

Legal Education

New findings published on law school debt

Trials & Litigation

Convicted ex-lawyer files bizarre suit against doctor under Texas abortion law


Newly minted lawyer challenges COVID restrictions in ‘impenetrable thicket’ of arguments

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court should uphold precedent in Mississippi abortion case, ABA amicus brief says

Constitutional Law

Alabama committee grapples with racism enshrined in state constitution as rewrite process begins

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