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First Amendment

Law prof sues over New York law requiring bloggers and websites to address online hate speech

Law Firms

Law firms plan big billing rate increases, even as discounts and write-offs proliferate


Rudy Giuliani defends election suit, claims persecution in ethics hearing that became ‘a tad argumentative’

First Amendment

Federal appeals court considers whether driver has right to livestream traffic stop on Facebook

Pro Bono

ABA Free Legal Answers hits major milestone of 250K questions answered

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court majority seems ready to rule for web designer who won’t make websites for same-sex weddings

Patent Law

Corporate owners knew little about patents they got free of charge and the litigation that followed, judge finds


As underrepresentation of Asian American lawyers in top jobs continues, more are speaking out, new study finds


Las Vegas lawyer is disbarred for forming law firm with nonlaywer who did most of the legal work

Labor & Employment

Biden relied on 96-year-old law and 1917 Supreme Court decision to impose railway labor agreement

Labor & Employment

If recession comes, how will law firm ‘quiet quitters’ fare?

Legal Writing

Bestselling author David Baldacci shares words of wisdom for lawyers who want to be novelists

Law in Popular Culture

‘The Vanished’ and the need for closure

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: Accused ‘my guns are bigger’ judge resigns; Texas district attorney resigns, takes the Fifth


Many federal judges want clerkship diversity but say the topic is rarely addressed in court, new study says

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Jackson’s second SCOTUS opinion is also a dissent to court’s refusal in death-penalty case

Civil Procedure

Judge didn’t have jurisdiction to appoint special master in Trump documents case, 11th Circuit says


2 federal appeals judges boycotting Yale Law clerks see progress in campus tolerance for conservative views

Supreme Court Report

Is designer’s refusal to create website for same-sex wedding free speech or illegal discrimination?

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court will consider challenge to Biden’s student-debt relief program, puts case on fast track

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