Sept. 11 Survivor Who Claims US Allowed Attack Has Sued Cheney, Bin Laden and American Airlines

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April Gallop is leaving no stone unturned in her effort to recover money after surviving the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon.

Gallop has filed suit against Dick Cheney alleging the United States allowed or arranged the Sept. 11 attacks. She has also sued Osama bin Laden, a bank and American Airlines.

Gallop had just pushed the button to turn on her computer when the plane hit the Pentagon, the Washington Post reports. Gallop’s 10-week-old son, Elisha, was with her at the office on her first day back from maternity leave. She had planned to handle some urgent paperwork before dropping off the boy at the Pentagon day-care center. Elisha survived, but he learns slowly, the story says.

Gallop tells the Post she didn’t see any aircraft wreckage and there was no fire from the jet fuel. “I was 50 feet from the impact zone,” she tells the Post. “The engine should have been in my lap.” Her lawsuit against Dick Cheney contends the Pentagon was destroyed, not by a plane crash, but possibly by a missile or explosives on the orders of U.S. leaders. The case was dismissed last year and failed on appeal this spring.

The publicity has brought out angry neighbors and may have poisoned Gallop’s relationship with her landlord. She has posted three no trespassing signs and keeps the blinds closed. It’s “a house in a defensive crouch,” according to the Post.

Gallop has also sued several Muslim defendants, including Osama bin Laden, as well as a bank accused of laundering money for terrorists. She is in negotiations to settle a suit against American Airlines. She defends the suit against American, though she doesn’t believe its plane hit the Pentagon. “If there are claims out there that these things took place that day, the airlines are liable,” she tells the Post. “If they are liable, I’m one of the victims. I have to do that for my son.”

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