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ABA Journal wins national honors for Web News Section, news features, investigative coverage at 2019 Azbee Awards

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Kevin Davis

ABA Journal Managing Editor Kevin Davis accepted the Stephen Barr Award at the 2019 Azbee Awards in St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by Molly McDonough.

Updated: The ABA Journal was nationally recognized as one of the Top 10 Magazines of the Year and Top 10 Websites of the Year by the American Society of Business Publication Editors on Thursday.

In addition, ABAJournal.com won a national gold award for Web News Section and the ABA Journal won three national gold awards for news features and investigative coverage at the 2019 Azbee Awards.

Managing Editor Kevin Davis was also honored with the American Society of Business Publication Editors’ Stephen Barr Award for excellence in writing and reporting.

“Kevin is a talented storyteller,” says Molly McDonough, editor and publisher of the ABA Journal. “His pieces are carefully reported with important details: facts, science and the law.”

She adds that it is Davis’ ability to capture details about “the people whose lives are impacted that makes him truly outstanding as a reporter and editor.”

Presented by ASBPE at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Azbee Awards recognize outstanding work by business-to-business, trade, association or professional publications.

Sara Wadford, senior designer with the ABA Journal, also won a Peter Lisagor Award for Best Illustration for “Supreme Icon” on Friday. The awards are presented by the Chicago Headline Club, the largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and recognize the best of Chicago journalism.

Here is the complete list of the ABA Journal’s national Azbee awards:

Overall Excellence

Overall Excellence

Top 4: Cross Platform Package of the Year for Legal Rebels

Top 10: Magazine of the Year

Top 10: Website of the Year


National Gold Awards

Azbee Category: Online > Web News Section

Title of Entry: ABA Journal: Law News Now

Awarded to: Sarah Mui, chief copy editor; Lee Rawles, assistant managing editor for the web; Debra Weiss, senior writer for the web; Steve Rynkiewicz, web producer; Jackson Thomas, deputy web editor; Stephanie Ward, senior writer; Lorelei Laird, legal affairs writer; Jason Tashea, legal affairs writer

Azbee Category: Print > Features Series

Title of Entry: Digital Dangers

Awarded to: Jason Tashea, legal affairs writer; Victor Li, assistant managing editor; contributors and industry experts

Azbee Category: Print > Features Article – General Interest

Title of Entry:Opioids, Justice & Mercy: Courts on the Front Lines of Lethal Crisis

Awarded to: Liane Jackson, assistant managing editor

Azbee Category: Print > Impact/Investigative

Title of Entry:Under Questioning: The Chicago Police Legacy of extracting false confessions is costing the city millions

Awarded to: Kevin Davis, managing editor

National Silver Awards

Azbee Category: All Content > Data Journalism

Title of Entry:The Job is Killing Them: Family lawyers are experiencing a higher rate of threats and violence than other lawyers

Awarded to: Lorelei Laird, legal affairs writer

Azbee Category: All Content > Government Coverage

Title of Entry: ABA Journal

Awarded to: Lorelei Laird, legal affairs writer; Liane Jackson, assistant managing editor; Kevin Davis, managing editor

Azbee Category: Print > News Section

Title of Entry: The Docket

Awarded to: Kevin Davis, managing editor

Azbee Category: Print > Individual Profile

Title of Entry:Justice, Mercy & Redemption: Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, has learned you can’t change the world without some discomfort or inconvenience

Awarded to: Darlene Ricker, freelance writer; Kevin Davis, managing editor

National Bronze Awards

Azbee Category: All Content > Original Research

Title of Entry:Little agreement between the sexes on tackling harassment, Working Mother/ABA Journal survey finds

Awarded to: Stephanie Francis Ward, senior writer; Barbara Frankel, executive editor, Working Mother Research Institute, Working Mother Media


The ABA Journal also won several awards for the Upper Midwest Region, which consists of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Regional Gold Awards

Azbee Category: Impact/Investigative

Under Questioning,” Kevin Davis

Azbee Category: Government Coverage

Lorelai Laird, Liane Jackson, Kevin Davis

Azbee Category: Enterprise News Story

Supreme Icon,” Stephanie Francis Ward

Azbee Category: Podcast

The Modern Law Library, Lee Rawles

Azbee Category: Web News Section

ABA Journal: Law News Now, Sarah Mui, Lee Rawles, Debra Weiss, Steve Rynkiewicz, Jackson Thomas, Stephanie Ward, Lorelei Laird, Jason Tashea

Azbee Category: Feature Article – General Interest

Opioids, Justice & Mercy,” Liane Jackson

Azbee Category: Feature Series

Digital Dangers, Jason Tashea, Victor Li and contributors

Regional Silver Awards

Azbee Category: Data Journalism

This Job is Killing Them,” Lorelei Laird

Azbee Category: Feature Article Design

Opioids Justice & Mercy,” Brenan Sharp

Azbee Category: Original Research

ABA Journal/Working Mother, Stephanie Francis Ward, Barbara Frankel

Azbee Category: Individual Profile

Justice, Mercy & Redemption,” Darlene Ricker, Kevin Davis

Azbee Category: News Section

The Docket, Kevin Davis

Regional Bronze Awards

Supreme Icon

Azbee Category: Front Cover Illustration

Supreme Icon,” Sara Wadford

Azbee Category: Infographics

Sara Wadford

Azbee Category: Opening Page Design/Typographic

Web 100,” Sara Wadford

Azbee Category: Opening Page Design/Illustration

Imbalance of Power,” Brenan Sharp

Azbee Category: Group Profile

Side Hustle,” Jenny B. Davis, Lee Rawles

Updated May 13 at 9:23 a.m. to include additional reporting on the Peter Lisagor Awards.

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