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Listen to our 10 favorite podcast episodes of 2019

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Looking for a new listen? We've picked our favorite 2019 episodes from each of the ABA Journal's three podcasts. And if this whets your appetite, you can find more than nine years of past episodes on our podcast page or your favorite podcast listening service.

Stay tuned in 2020, when we will be experimenting with the format of our longest-running podcast, Asked and Answered.

Asked and Answered
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Asked and Answered interviews experts to offer tips and advice for lawyers’ lives. Subscribe and never miss an episode.
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“Creating Order: Lifestyle tips for disorganized lawyers”: Professional organizer Janet Taylor speaks with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward to share tips and tricks for finally conquering mounds of paperwork and constantly lost house keys.

“Bullying from the bench: How to cope in court”: When attorney Roula Allouch got involved with Bullyproof, an anti-bullying initiative with the ABA Young Lawyers Division, she quickly saw that many members’ complaints were about judges.

“Pay Attention: CPA serves up financial tips for lawyers”: Ward talks to New York CPA Gary DuBoff about how to live within your means, how to figure out your set costs, and how to budget with what’s left over.

Legal Rebels Podcast
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The Legal Rebels Podcast speaks with trailblazers and explores legal tech trends. Subscribe and never miss an episode.
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“Not content with retirement, Jeff Carr continues the fight against billable hours”: Jeff Carr has been on a 40-year path of improving lawyer efficiency and effectiveness. “There’s an old saying that if you pay for service by the hour, you buy hours and not service,” he says. “And I still believe that very much.”

“Nonprofit law pioneer applauds ‘low bono’ growth”: Before they were buzzwords, Luz Herrera was a pioneer in the world of “low bono” practice, nonprofit law firms and legal incubators. All three innovations have blossomed and spread across the country since then.

“Leading advocate for diversity in legal industry hasn’t seen much progress in 10 years”: In the 10 years since Emery K. Harlan, co-founder of the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms, was featured as an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, he says little has changed for diversity in the profession.

The Modern Law Library
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The Modern Law Library showcases books and authors with a legal connection. Subscribe and never miss an episode.
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“Public speaking skills every lawyer should master”: Ashley Alfirevic of ABA Publishing speaks to lawyer and author Faith Pincus about how to ditch notecards, engage an audience and ask the right type of rhetorical questions.

“How to become a federal criminal: It’s easier than you may think”: Lawyer Mike Chase talks with the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles about crimes like impersonating a mailman, importing pregnant polar bears, selling mail-order dentures, and letting your falcon be filmed for a movie.

“How introverted lawyers can harness their traits for success”: Instead of getting energized by a live-wire courtroom or dispute, introverted attorneys prefer to recharge—and often do their best work—in solitude.

“Supreme Court’s history with alcohol gets a look in Glass and Gavel: From the earliest days of the U.S. Supreme Court, alcohol has been part of the work lives and social lives of the justices. In the book Glass and Gavel: The U.S. Supreme Court and Alcohol, Nancy Maveety takes readers on a tour through the ways that SCOTUS and spirits have overlapped.

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