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Chief Justice Featured on Baseball Card

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The publication that created Supreme Court bobbleheads for its subscribers is coming out with a new item: Supreme Court Sluggers baseball cards.

The first baseball card (PDF) issued by the Green Bag law publication features Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. in the pose of Chicago Cubs pitcher Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown, the National Law Journal reports. Brown played for Roberts’ favorite team, and, like Roberts, he grew up in Indiana, according to an explanation of the card by Green Bag. In the background is “the John Marshall of umpires,” Bill Klem, a nod to Roberts’ 2005 statement that the court should be a “fair and unbiased umpire.”

The back of the card features statistics on Roberts’ opinions and memorable quotes, including one from his crime noir-type dissent in Pennsylvania v. Dunlap, a drug arrest case involving probable cause issues. The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times noted the opinion last October.

The Roberts quote highlighted on the card: “Devlin knew the guy wasn’t buying bus tokens. He radioed a description and Officer Stein picked up the buyer. Sure enough: three bags of crack in the guy’s pocket. Head downtown and book him. Just another day at the office.”

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