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Did you take a bar exam prep course? If so, did you take out a loan to finance it? Any regrets?

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The time has come for new law graduates to turn their attention to the bar exam.

Many law grads take bar preparation courses that cost between $3,000 and $4,000, and many finance those fees—as well as their living expenses while they study—with a bar review loan of up to $16,000. (Harvard Law School presents an array of options at this page.)

So this week, we would like to ask you: Did you take a bar exam prep course? Did you take out a loan to finance it? If so, how much did you borrow? Do you have any regrets about skipping the prep course if you skipped it; taking it if you took one; or borrowing money to help you study for the bar if you did so?

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Featured answer:

Posted by dhc: “When I worked for a firm, all the things my staff did that were a mystery to me really bothered me. Without the knowledge, I had to rely on them. When I decided to solo, I learned to do it all. In addition to the daily tasks, I even created my own website, automated most of my documents, and programmed my own case management software. Now I hire staff to do the things I’d rather not, but when push comes to shove, bring it on.”

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