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Do you take your pet to work? Would you if it were possible?

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Earlier this month at Attorney at Work, Phoenix solo Ruth Carter wrote that if she rents office space for her law practice, she would want her dog to be allowed. She also surveyed other solo and small-firm lawyers about whether they take their dogs to work (or would want to), and what they considered the pros and cons of having their dog on the premises.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Do you take your pet to work? Would you if it were possible? (And we realize that not everyone favors dogs: Lawyer and blogger Rick Georges keeps parrots at his law office in St. Petersburg, Fla.)

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Featured answer:

Posted by Domer: “During my undergraduate years, I held two positions with a fairly large market research firm. To pass some time, one of my co-workers and I would play a game where we would e-mail each other song lyrics periodically throughout the day, and we would guess the song. I’ll never forget when my boss came out of his office and asked his secretary whether there was anything wrong with [my co-worker] because of an odd e-mail he had received. She had accidentally sent lyrics in a ‘reply all’ that included our boss, his boss, other bigwigs and the president of the company. The lyrics? Natalie Imbruglia’s. ‘I am cold and shamed, lying naked on the floor.’ I can still see my boss’s face as he asked his secretary to ‘check on [co-worker] because she just said she’s lying on the floor.’ I never laughed so hard in my life.”

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