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Ever Had Job-Related Weight Gain? If So, How Did You Battle It? Or How Have You Always Prevented It?

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This week, we noted a Careerbuilder survey reporting that lawyers and judges are among those most likely to report a weight gain at their current job.

We’d like to know if this is true for you. Have you ever had job-related weight gain? What were the specific culprits? If so, how did you battle it (or have you given up the fight)? And if long hours have never turned into extra pounds for you, how did you keep it from happening?

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Featured answer:

Posted by DCW: “Lawrence Frolik at Pitt Law. Torts, fall semester 1L. He was absolutely terrifying, but it was clear from the get-go that he was a master of the Socratic method. So much so that, as long as you weren’t called on, it was great theater. He mixed great wit and insight with teaching. A friend even dressed up as him for Halloween. His profile at the law firm he is associated with tells the story—the photo on the left is what we first saw, but by the end of law school, we realized that he was actually the guy on the right.”

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