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Federal Judge Accused of Buying Drugs for Stripper Will Take Plea Deal

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Eager to put what his lawyer calls a “tough situation” behind him, a federal judge accused of carrying loaded firearms in his car around the time he allegedly purchased drugs for a stripper with whom he was having a relationship plans to take a plea deal in federal court in Atlanta tomorrow, according to his attorney, Bill Morrison.

Senior U.S. District Judge Jack Camp, 67, will plead guilty to a felony, aiding and abetting possession of illegal drugs, and two misdemeanors, reports the Wall Street Journal Law Blog. .

This could allow the judge to avoid any prison time, because he apparently is not pleading guilty to the most serious charge–an illegal drug-user in possession of a handgun, defense attorney Steve Sadow, who is not involved in Camp’s case, tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Camp, who formerly served as the chief judge in the Northern District of Georgia, had a loaded .380 Sig Sauer and Colt MK IV in the front seat his vehicle at the time of his arrest, reports the Citizen:

According to a federal criminal complaint (PDF), “the Sig Sauer had a loaded magazine, and a round seated in the chamber and the hammer of the gun was cocked. The Colt had a loaded magazine but no round in the chamber.”

Morrison would not say whether Camp would step down from the bench as part of the plea deal, stating only that “a mutually beneficial agreement was reached,” reports the Associated Press.

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