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Fired Ex-Prosecutor Andrew Shirvell Sues Lawyer Who Sued Him

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After a Michigan prosecutor allegedly targeted a gay student at the University of Michigan for homophobic harassment, he was fired from his job as assistant attorney general and sued in federal district court by the man he’d targeted.

Andrew Shirvell, the fired ex-prosecutor, counterclaimed. And Friday he filed a federal lawsuit of his own, reports the Detroit News.

It named as a defendant Deborah Gordon, the attorney who represents Christopher Armstrong, the plaintiff who sued over the claimed harassment by Shirvell, some of which reportedly took place on state time.

The suit contends Shirvell was “improperly” fired by the AG’s office due to Gordon’s interference with an investigation of his work there and “a personal, bizarre vendetta” he claims the lawyer maintained against him.

The suit Gordon originally filed against Shirvell on behalf of her client, Christopher Armstrong, contended Shirvell had developed a “bizarre, personal obsession” about Armstrong.

“He can’t accept the fact that Mike Cox’s office fired him for wrongdoing,” said Gordon of the federal complaint by Shirvell naming her as a defendant. “He can’t deal with that. Instead he says it’s me.”

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