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Have you taken a bar exam in more than one state?

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At [email protected], Phoenix lawyer Ruth Carter writes about her decision to take the California bar exam. “I have had to decline too many opportunities to help potential clients in California, and since they shortened the bar exam from three days to two (only one day for attorneys practicing for the last four years), I decided to take the plunge.”

That said, she knows it will be more challenging to find the time to prepare for this exam now that she’s a practicing lawyer rather than a recent law school graduate, and she sought out advice for many lawyers about a plan of attack.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Have you taken the bar exam in more than one state? If so, which state had the more difficult test? If you were working full-time while preparing for your second bar, how did you manage your time?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by @WritRap: “In explaining why we had no expert witness: ‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.’ (‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’) We won.”

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