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How Do You Physically Prepare for 'Game Days' in Your Legal Practice?

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Last week, in a post titled Eggs Win Trials, Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett extols the virtue of eating eggs and bacon for breakfast—and hard-boiled eggs for lunch—on days he spends in the courtroom.

“In fact, and even aside from the health benefits (which mainstream medicine doesn’t want to admit), trial lawyers should be low-carb and high-fat all day long,” Bennett wrote. “Everyone else in the courtroom is going to eat carbs for lunch; these are going to make them doze in the midafternoon, too. We want to be sharp then to take advantage of their sleepiness.”

In the comments, Philadelphia lawyer Jordan Rushie, who inadvertently started this discussion with a post at Philly Law Blog, disagreed. Rushie says he is “fat adapted” and generally restricts carbohydrates and found that for him, “a fasted state is the best for trial. I feel more alert and on my game.”

So this week, we’d like to ask you: How do you physically prepare for “game days” in your legal practice, whether they’re in the courtroom or the boardroom? Do you eat and / or drink differently? Make sure you get a certain amount of sleep? Wear a particular garment (not necessarily for luck)? Or do you feel any preparation of this nature is merely superstition?

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