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How Will You Spend Memorial Day?

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Many people observe Memorial Day by enjoying the long weekend, often among the warmest yet on the heels of spring and leading into the summer months.

Maybe they’ll take in a parade or party. Others will raise a glass or lay a flower down in memory of a loved one.

So here’s what we want to know …

How will you spend Memorial Day? Will it be a day to recognize those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country? Is it just another day off, kicking off the vacation-heavy summer season? Or, in these tough economic times, will you spend the day working and take less time off this summer than you normally would?

Answer in the comments below.

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Featured answer:

Posted by patentlawyer: “Once I get through rush hour (not the one in the car, but the one that occurs before I ever get out of the house with trying to get four kids up, fed and dressed with copious amounts of yelling, pleading, screaming ….), navigate the construction that is occurring on every possible route to my office, I typically spend about 45-50 hours physically in the office M-F, and most Sundays for at least 6-8 hours. After work, there is more yelling, pleading and often bribery to get the four kids through dinner, baths, pjs and bed. Saturdays are family days, and we typically spend them in the mini-van running from T-ball to gymnastics to soccer, etc., which is why I need to spend Sunday in the office to recover (it’s so peaceful then).”

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