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Is there an essential clothing brand or item that you buy repeatedly?

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Earlier this month, athletic apparel maker Lululemon filed a patent infringement lawsuit—something the company has a history of doing—related to a sports bra design. Design patent suits are rare in the fashion industry, because the lifespan of a given clothing item is usually relatively short. So Lululemon “clearly sees this bra as a product that’s going to have a long shelf life,” Miami intellectual property lawyer Laura Ganoza told the Washington Post.

Indeed, some clothing items and brands are sold for years either for being exceptionally fashionable, extremely functional or both.

So this week, we ask you: Is there an essential clothing brand or item that you buy over and over? A certain type of suit? A certain brand or style of jeans? A certain kind of shoe—whether for work or fitness?

Please answer in the comments.

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Posted by Kmsco: “Property exam. Issue spotter based on the living situation of Grey’s Anatomy characters. It was 100 [percent] accurate to the show.”

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