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Lawmakers discuss a constitutional convention, and agree to discuss it some more

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About 100 state lawmakers met on Saturday to talk about plans for a constitutional convention.

Legislators from 32 states attended the meeting organized by five GOP lawmakers; 34 states would have to call for the convention under the Constitution’s Article V, Slate reports. One of the organizers is Wisconsin accountant and State Rep. Chris Kapenga, who believes states can reclaim their power through a convention.

The meeting, which was closed to the press, ended after about four hours, and there are plans to meet again next year. According to Slate, “That’s the most progress anyone’s made in decades toward a states-first constitutional amendment campaign. A few liberals have glommed onto the idea, but right now all of the enthusiasm for Article V is coming from the right.”

Legislators who attended were in the area because of a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council in nearby Washington, D.C. At an ALEC panel discussion on the topic, briefing books distributed by a group called Citizens for Self-Governments said a convention could consider amendments for a balanced budget, a limit on taxes, and a ban on using international treaties to govern U.S. domestic law.

Radio host and Mark Levin also touted the convention idea in a book that suggested 10 amendments. Among his ideas: Impose 12-year term limits Supreme Court justices and allow Congress to override unpopular Supreme Court decisions by a three-fifths vote.

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