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Schools Ranked by 'Super Lawyers' Produced

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Once again, Harvard Law School has been ranked No. 1.

But this time the survey is by a new entrant into the crowded field of law school rankings, Law & Politics, which publishes Super Lawyers, reports the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

The critical information that put Harvard at the top of the list (followed by the University of Michigan, the University of Texas and the University of Virginia) is the number of Super Lawyers each institution produced, the article notes. However, the rankings don’t take into effect the size of the law school; Harvard, for instance, is bigger than Stanford Law School and Yale Law School.

Bill White, the founder and publisher of Super Lawyers concedes the point to Law Blog, but adds: “A large class size is not an advantage if you don’t produce great lawyers.”

Meanwhile, in an effort to address the size issue, one law school administrator has recalibrated the top 14 Super Lawyers rankings to adjust for the number of graduates. By doing so, Dean David Van Zandt has bumped up the ranking of his own institution, Northwestern University School of Law, from 18th place to the No. 8 spot.

More details are provided in a subsequent post.

Updated on Nov. 17 to include link to the full list and on Nov. 19 to include information about subsequent re-ranking by Dean Van Zandt based on class size.

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