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New legal battle for ex-prisoner awarded $6M: Ex-wife who he divorced in 1992 wants a share

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An exonerated former inmate who was awarded a $6 million compensation package after serving 24 years for rapes committed by another man is still racking up big legal bills.

First Steven Phillips did battle with the lawyer who represented him in the compensation case, contending that the $1 million fee he sought for lobbying the Texas legislature for increased compensation was excessive. A legal ethics case over the issue was also initiated over two years ago.

Now he and an ex-wife who he divorced in 1992 are litigating over her claim to a share of his compensation in a groundbreaking case that both expect to take to the state’s highest court, the Texas Tribune reports.

Last year, Traci Tucker was awarded $150,000 by a court in Dallas County.

“When the cheese is on the table, the rats come out,” said Phillips, adding that he doesn’t hold any grudge against Tucker.

Another ex-wife is seeking to collect unpaid child support.

Phillips estimates his post-release legal bills at around $300,000.

Hat tip: Daily Mail.

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