San Francisco Cops, In Wake of Misconduct Allegations, Might Start Carrying Cameras During Arrests

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The San Francisco Police Department is exploring the idea of officers carrying personal cameras, while the department faces numerous misconduct allegations involving footage from other sources.

The department will consider a variety of camera models, which officers would be equipped with before going to a drug bust or other arrest that requires a warrant, the San Francisco Examiner reports.

One product mentioned is the Taser AXON, which stands for Autonomous eXtended on-Officer Network, which Popular Mechanics covered in 2009. It’s an audio-video recorder that attaches to an ear, similar to a Bluetooth.

“That would be a great idea if it was cost effective,” Police Commission President Thomas Mazzucco told the Examiner. “There’s nothing for officers to hide, and I think it would be good for the public to see through their eyes for once.”

Greg Suhr, San Francisco’s police chief, announced his plan yesterday, a few hours after the city’s public defender showed video he claims is proof that officers stole a laptop and digital camera from a suspected drug dealer. The footage is reported to show officers walking into an apartment building empty-handed and leaving with bags the public defender says contained missing valuables.

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