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Should SCOTUS Arguments Be Televised? If They Were, Would You Watch?

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This week, we noted a New York Times column suggesting that despite the public’s tremendous interest in the U.S. Supreme Court case over President Obama’s health care reform law, the justices were unlikely to allow cameras in the courtroom.

The justices “don’t like, in the modern age, that people can sound bite them” and take their statements out of context, C-SPAN’s chairman, Brian P. Lamb, told New York Times columnist Adam Liptak.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: Should U.S. Supreme Court arguments be televised? Why or why not? And would you ever watch them If they were televised on a regular basis?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by Erik: “What is all this ‘opening at midnight’ stuff? My fiancée works retail, and the store she works at opens at 9 p.m. Thursday. That means she has to be at the store by 8 and works until 5:45 a.m. Friday. It isn’t a huge problem for us since we have no kids and don’t live close enough to our families to want to spend the holiday with them, but we are an exception, not the rule. … Retailers open early to beat their competitors. So the next year, the competitors open earlier, so the original one has to open even earlier to beat everyone else. (Two years ago, the store my fiancée works at opened at midnight.) I remember growing up hearing ads saying: “Doors open at 4 a.m!”

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