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Law at the movies challenge: Take a title and make it less interesting

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In honor of the 85th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, we’re presenting a bit of a movie challenge: Take any lawyer movie and change the title to make it less interesting. For example: Single Indemnity, My Neighbor Vinny, To Catch a Mockingbird.

To refresh your memory about some of the best law flicks, check out our list of the 25 Greatest Legal Movies as well as another 25 honorable mentions. But by no means should you limit yourself to that list of 50.

Post your best movie name rewrites in the comments.

Read the answers to last week’s question: Do you judge co-workers by how clean or messy their workspaces are? How tidy are you?

Featured answer:

Posted by CourtKeeper: “Organization is key to juggling multiple projects and commitments. I keep a tidy office for the same reason I scrupulously organize my calendar and task list—it helps me honor my commitments. I don’t particularly care if my colleagues have messy offices, but I often find a correlation between having a messy office and ‘forgetting’ to get work done in a timely manner—or at all. I am fortunate to work in the judicial branch, where the threat of missing a statute of limitations or getting sued for malpractice is nonexistent. For those who have to worry about such things, the motivation to stay organized should be even greater. If you can really keep on top of everything while maintaining piles of paper everywhere, that’s just fine, but it doesn’t work for me.”

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