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Techshow's Favorite Websites for Lawyers

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The always crowd-pleasing session “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” closed the ABA Techshow Saturday where speakers Dan Pinnington, Catherine Sanders Reach, Natalie Kelly and Reid Trautz shared their top websites for lawyers.

A few of our favorite sites include:

Fastcase: Although there’s still a commercial option for this legal research site, many state bars have signed on to participate in a members-only availability of the tools. Members of state bar associations with the service can now sign into their state bar accounts and sync cases to their mobile devices.

Cellular Abroad: It allows visitors to compare available cell phone options in different countries.

TinEye Reverse Image Search: Users can upload images that are then matched with a unique thumbprint. The program can then search the Web for websites that have posted the image, even if it’s cropped, stretch or manipulated.

Google Scholar: This legal research site now has a quick link to legal journals and cases.

Law Practice Today Archive: The site stores useful articles on law practice management and marketing.

Room 77: A hotel deal-finder website where users can view floor maps and room views that are uploaded by visitors to hotels around the world.

Scoopertino: Unreal Apple News: The Onion-like blog that pokes fun at faux Apple practices and products. Hear Siri sing!

An American’s Guide to Canada: A place for U.S. lawyers to learn about their Canadian colleagues.

If This Then That: Put the Internet to Work for You: A website that allows users to write recipes for their tech. Examples: Thank people on Twitter when they retweet your tweet. Send an email alert if it will rain tomorrow based on the weather report. If a PDF is saved on Evernote, also save a copy in DropBox.

Zamzar: This service converts documents and files, including video, into a wide range of other formats. Helpful for converting Wordperfect docs to Word.

Ninite: A list of nearly 90 apps that allows users to mass-install updated versions on their machines.

Visual.ly: Create info graphics by inputting twitter feeds or other social media.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse: Planning for a zombie apocalypse is very similar to planning for any large-scale disaster. So be prepared!

Attackpoint: Social media meets peer pressure at this website to share training schedules and regimes with fellow runners.

HBS Elevator Pitch Builder: The site helps hone a really good 30-second to one-minute pitch for people and their practices. For Harvard alums, there’s also a peer review option.

99 Designs: This is an online graphic design marketplace for firm and website logos and branding.

Google Privacy Policy: See all of Googles privacy policies and tools to understand what information they collect and what data-collection programs users can opt-out of.

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