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What Have You Done in Your Work or Home Life to Go Green?

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Nations around the world marked Earth Day this past Tuesday, and law firms called attention to their own efforts. noted both Sullivan Hill Lewin Rez & Engel’s efforts to go paperless and Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge’s extreme green $4 million makeover of its Hartford, Conn. office.

That got us thinking …

What have you done (or do you plan to do) in your work or home life to go green?

Answer in the comments below.

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Our favorite answer from last week:

Posted by Steve Perkins: “Yes, definately. Granted, I’m in my early-30’s, so I’m probably too much of an ancient graybeard to truly “get it” with Facebook’s main demographic. I use Facebook so that former classmates and colleagues can track me down (that’s always cool), and so I can hear about big changes in my friends’ lives (kids, job switch, etc). For that sort of thing, Facebook is great.

“However, I have a few “friends” that get carried away and childish about it. I’ll get constant email notifications about the crap they post on my Wall. I’ll get notifications that so-and-so “Sent you a virtual shot of whiskey!”, or “Challenged you to an 80’s movie trivia showdown!”, etc. Come on, you’ve GOT to be kidding me people. how old are you? “

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