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What is your favorite mobile app?

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For many of us, our smartphones and tablets are our constant companions. And few of us get through the day without seeking help from an app.

This fact is not lost on innovators in the legal profession. There are apps to help lawyers preserve evidence, write wills, navigate natural disasters and calculate jail time. The ABA Journal published list of 20 access to justice apps this year and a gallery of 11 must-have apps in 2013.

So this week, we’d like to ask you: What is your favorite mobile app? While we’re naturally more interested in hearing about apps that help you in your work as a lawyer, feel free to tell us about apps that also improve other aspects of your life. (Some favorites of staffers here? Cloud Baby Monitor, the mobile game The Walk and buddhify, a meditation app).

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answers:

Posted by RETIRED LAWYER: “When I was a young lawyer, a respected mentor told me: ‘Remember, today’s disaster is tomorrow’s cocktail story!’ Best legal advice I ever got or heard!”

Posted by Greyhelm: “The smartest thing you’ll ever do is hire associates who are smarter than you are.”

Posted by Barb: “Never negotiate on a full bladder.”

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